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Rescue Groups - Feral and Abandoned Cats

Feral cats are the forgotten felines-- the throwaways and castoffs of uncaring humans. These rescue groups find abandoned cats, vaccinate and neuter them, feed them, and either return them to their colonies or foster the adoptables, pending homes.

Profile: Tabby's Place - A Cat Sanctuary
Founded on a dream, managed with sound principles, by selfless volunteers, and a dedicated board of trustees, Tabby's Place is truly the epitome of a cat sanctuary. One of my biggest pleasures is the monthly update on the special needs cats I sponsor. I highly recommend the experience.

Tribute to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Tucked away in Angel Canyon, Utah, a miracle of nature, is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, a miracle of love.

Photo Tour: Tony LaRussa's ARF
ARF's state-of-the-art Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek, California, was the culmination of years of planning and fund-raising, and its doors opened to the public in late August, 2003. I visited the facility shortly after the grand opening and was thrilled and impressed with what I saw. Please join me for a short photo tour of ARF.

Alley Cat Allies
Founded in 1990, Alley Cat Allies is the vanguard for trap-neuter-vaccinate-release programs of managed care for feral cats within the United States.

Campus Cat Coalition
Volunteer students at the University of Texas at Austin, participate in the trap-neuter-release program that is sweeping the United States.

Cities with TNR Programs
Alley Cat Allies provides this PDF file of cities with present Trap-Neuter-Return programs, either publicly or privately funded.

Feline Companions Inc.
A group of ladies working overtime to rescue and shelter the really forgotten felines: feral cats with FIV/ FeLV, and other conditions that make them almost unadoptable.

Feral Cat Coalition
A "trap-and-neuter" organization in San Diego, with outstanding results.

Ginny, the Dog who Rescues Cats
An amazing story of an amazing dog and the man whose life turned around when he met her.

King's Highway Cat Rescue
Brooklyn's only rescue/no-kill shelter, fighting tremendous odds to stay open.

KitCat & Critter Rescue
KitCat&Critter Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, no-kill, volunteer organization dedicated to animal welfare in Washington County, MD and the surrounding area.

Kitten Rescue
Kitten Rescue is a non-profit rescue group working in Los Angeles to rescue kittens from the streets, and from the Los Angeles shelters at the "11th hour." devoted to rescuing cats and kittens from the streets and shelter euthanasia.

Kitten Rescue
Los Angeles-based organization dedicated to finding loving homes for needy cats and kittens, and devoted to educating the public about responsible pet ownership.

Lancashire Cat Rescue
An organization in the U.K. doing great work in rescue.

My Rescued Kittens
Marcelle rescues kittens, some of which are available for adoption.

Niki's F.E.L.V. Rescue - New Jersey
Niki's F.E.L.V. Rescue is a rescue for feline leukemia positive (FeLV) cats/kittens located in Andover, New Jersey.

Oasis De Los Gatos
Oasis was formed incorporation in 1999 as a feral cat sanctuary located in arizona. Its main purpose is to not only provide a shelter for feral cats, but to educate the public about feral cats.

R.E.S.C.U.E. is dedicated to reducing cat and dog euthanasia in Arizona, through a rescue program.

Rescue Hope
Rescue Hope is a veterinarian owned non-profit organization dedicated to providing desperately needed assistance to the stray, abandoned, neglected and abused animals in the Birmingham, Alabama area and surrounding communities.

Safe Haven for Cats
Jeri Dopp is a remarkable one-woman rescue organization who raises baby feral kittens and places them in caring homes.

Siamese Rescue
From SICC, two groups that are performing miracles in rescuing unwanted Siamese.

The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon
A non-profit group of veterinarians and other volunteers, dedicated to humanely reducing feral cat colonies through a state-of-the-art mobile veterinary clinic which implements a TNR program.

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