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Top Automatic Water Dispensers

Automatic Pet Fountains for Cats


It's no secret that many cats prefer running water for drinking. Automatic water dispensers are a must for cats whose owners work long hours, to ensure fresh water at all times. These are the best, in my opinion, among those I've researched, and I personally have used one of each brand for my cats. It should be noted that all automatic pet fountains require regular cleaning and replenishing of water in order to continue running properly.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Photo of Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Like the original Drinkwell, the Platinum delivers a free-falling stream water which splashes down onto a sloped "ramp," and into into the bowl. Unlike the original Drinkwell, the Platinum's reservoir slides into the back of the unit, instead of a separate reservoir. It is important to take out and clean the prefilter, which is easily accessed at the back part of the bowl. Accumulated hair and other debris may cause the motor to malfunction, cause some strange noises (especially during the middle of the night.)

Petmate Fresh Flow Purifying Pet Fountain

This fountain is remarkably quiet while delivering a continuous flow of fresh water, filtered through charcoal for purity. The self-contained unit holds a 50-oz. supply of water and is attractive as well as functional. Like all automatic water dispensers, it is extremely important to regularly clean the unit, and replace the filter as directed.
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Original Drinkwell Pet Fountain

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain features a flow rate control knob and reusable filter. The self-contained unit holds about six cups of water, and an optional reservoir doubles that capacity. If your cats love running water, the trickling effect will attract them.

Cat It Fountain

Photo of Cat-It Fountain for Cats
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Unlike the splash or trickling function of the Drinkwell and Petmate fountains, the Cat It Fountain delivers fresh water by flowing it over a large, clear dome, which allows several cats to drink at once. The Cat It Fountain comes with one detachable food bowl as well as the requisite water bowl. Additional food bowls are available, as well as a Cat It Mat for floor protection. Be sure to order additional filters, as they must be changed frequently. Reservoir holds 100 oz. of water.
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Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain for Pets

The Drinkwell 360 brings a whole new concept to automatic pet fountains. The water reservoir, which holds one gallon, is concealed under the bowl. A central fountain allows from one to five individual streams of fresh water to flow into the bowl, giving more drinking room for multiple cats.

This product is so new that I haven't yet tested it on my own cats, but if the quality is as good as the Drinkwell Platinum, it promises to be a popular choice.

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