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Entertainment for Cat Lovers: Quizzes, Crafts, Online Fun, Humor

Here are all the entertaining and provocative things you can do involving cats without even having a cat in your home, along with some you can do for your cat. Try a DIY cat tree, some handmade mice, or an outdoor enclosure. Games and quizzes? Humorous stories about cats? They're all here, and more.
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Top Ways to Drive Your Human Crazy - For Cats Only
Jaspurr, Joey, and Billy, GuideCats for the Cats site at About.com, offer suggestions for their favorite ways to drive their humans crazy.

Cats Health Quiz
How extensive is your knowledge about cats' health matters? Do you know common symptoms of health problems in cats and what they might mean? Take this javascript-based cats health quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about your cat's health.

Cats Quiz a Week Newsletter
Sign up for Cats Quiz a Week newsletter from About Cats, and receive each of the different quizzes featured here every week for 8 weeks. I've included links to helpful articles you may use for clues, or just for reading after you've finished the quizzes.

Cats Photo Quiz #2
If you're like many cat lovers, you want to know everything there is to learn about cats. Here's a chance to test your knowledge about cat breeds and colors. Choose the correct answer to match the question and the cat picture, and see how you score. This is the second quiz in a series.

Best and Worst Cat Stories
Cats have an inimitable way of bringing out the humor in cat lovers, by making us laugh at their antics, and by the way they can make us look foolish at other times. These are the best and worst cat stories I've found, from Cats Forum gleanings, my own experience, and my readers.

Best and Worst Cat Stories - Part 2
I came home from running some errands one day, and instead of running over to greet me like normal, the boys were staring intently at my treadmill...(Part 2 of the Best and Worst Cat Stories Series.)

Confessions of a Kitty-Whipped Slave
The truth of those words can no longer be denied. I am kitty-whipped, and a slave to my cats too; so are Asa and Lance, the two he-men I reside with. We're not especially proud of it; it's not something we'd readily acknowledge in "polite company," but around here, we're among friends, and can confess to our slavedom.

How to Human-Proof a Cat House - Tips from the Kitty Net
How to Human-Proof a Cat House includes ways of arranging a cat house so that the humans in it know without a doubt that the cats are boss of the house. Here are tips from the Kitty Net on making your home a cat house.

The Telepathic Cat by Darren Zenko
Enjoy this sad but thought-provoking ghost story of a man and his cat, by Darren Zenko, reprinted with permission.

Cats Being Cats
If you're like most cat lovers, you are inclined to assign human attributes to your feline companions. Do cats really think and respond with human emotions?

Feng Shui for Cats
Your Guide experiments with a little Feng Shui for Cats to help Bubba adjust to being an indoors-only cat. Bubba thinks good Ch'i is okay, as long as he still eats regularly.

Kitty Porn - An Expose
Gazing at a cat lying in un-selfconscious array apparently is a very sensual experience for some people. Is it any wonder then, that the Internet, which has attracted hundreds of thousands of pornography sites, should become a hotbed of Kitty Porn?

Love Me, Love my Gifts
Does your Kitty bring you strange and wonderful gifts? Consider yourself blessed.

Quiz: Tracking Kittens' Development
How extensive is your knowledge about the development of kittens during their first six weeks? Take this short javascript-based cats health quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about the development of kittens.

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