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Best and Worst Cat Stories

True Tales from Folks Who Love Cats


Mr 20 BIG cat

Mr 20: From Dumpster Diver to Lap Cat

Cats have an inimitable way of bringing out the humor in cat lovers, by making us laugh at their antics, and by the way they can make us look foolish at other times. These are the best and worst cat stories I've found, from Cats Forum gleanings, my own experience, and my readers. If you have a story that you think can top these, you may submit it, using this form. Accompanying photos may be submitted, using these guidelines.

Don 20, the Orange Bobcat with a Tail

I have to preface this story with some background. "Mr 20" was a rags-to-riches cat, having gone from skinny dumpster diver to a 20+ pound magnificent specimen. He lived with his rescuer and slave, Desert Rat, AKA Des, now HOSTDes on the About Cats Forum, in the Arizona desert, and he got his name from becoming the 20th rescued feral in Des's colony. Mr 20, alternatively known as "T," went to the bridge in 2007, but his memory will stay with our forum forever. I'll let Des tell the story from here in her own inimitable way:

Mobile windshield replacement and repair is a big business here. Due to the construction and gravel trucks with uncovered loads, we are constantly having auto glass replaced. We can't get a pizza delivered, but can have someone come to our home on a Saturday to replace a windshield.

Its so routine to us that when Dennis arrived we just pointed him at the damaged windshield and forgot about him. Until we heard a cat snarl, a man scream and glass breaking. Both of us ran for the door, hub saying "badword, Rush is out" and me "badword, Bear's out". (Someday, we will settle on a real name for him). We found poor Dennis on the ground, covering his face with his arms and gasping for breath, with the wind knocked out of him.

As we were frantically asking "What happened? are you OK? should we call an ambulance" Dennis managed to get out "I was attacked *gasp, gasp* by a *gasp* orange bobcat *gasp, gasp* with a big tail"

Once we managed to get him semi upright and pry his arms away from his face (Ya want to talk about scared? I was sure major lawsuits were in our future), he calmed down some. He recovered really fast when hub handed him a new 20 dollar bill (hope he didn't get ink on his hands...)

Dennis was OK, his elbow was skinned and he had a bump on his head, but mostly was worried about what his company would say about him smashing our broken windshield. (something to do with quality of service - they just toss them in a bin at the shop)

It seems that not only did we forget to warn him that we had a porch thug, we also forgot to tell him to keep his van doors closed. Mr 20 is fearless about vehicles and WILL investigate any in his yard.

Poor Dennis was carrying the cracked windshield to put in his van, but when he got to the door he startled Mr 20, who responded with his feral scream and jumped out of the van. Dennis thought Mr 20 was leaping at his face, so dropped the glass, covered his face with his arms and tripped while backing up, knocking the air out of his lungs.

I'd guess we are out of that glass company's service area now.


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