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"Geriatric" defines cats 12 and older (some experts say 7). These senior cats have their own health concerns, being subject to age-related diseases, such as CRF and Fatty Liver Disease. Learn more about these conditions, along with routine care necessities for senior cats.
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  2. Other Senior Concerns (2)
  3. Common Senior Diseases (10)

Cat Parents' End of Life Decisions
Much has been written about economic euthanasia, however the decision to let a cat go is not always based on finances. More important is the cat's quality of life. Learn more with this article.

When an Older Cat Cries all the Time
The fact that a geriatric cat may seem to cry all the time doesn't necessarily mean that he is in pain. Learn more about the possible reasons for his yowling.

A Veterinary Care Plan for Senior Cats
As cats enter their senior years, their need for veterinary care increases. When cats reach the age of 10 years, their wellness checkup should be done twice a year, rather than annually for adult cats. The physical examinations and lab tests will be essentially the same as for adult cats under the age of 10. However, the physical exam will be more thorough, as the veterinarian checks for certain "red flags."

Lessons and Challenges of Life With a Senior Cat
Cat Lovers describe life with their senior cats: the joys and sorrows, challenges and rewards. Whether you watched your senior cat grow from kittenhood to his Golden Years, or you adopted an already seasoned cat, the relationship with an older cat is one to treasure and learn from. Older cats have much to teach us about acceptance and grace, with aging. See submissions

Old Cat Behavior and Senility
Learn about old cat behavior and senility in this article by Amy Shojai, CABC, for About.com. Identify the signs and ways to prevent senility in old cats in this article.

When it's Time to Say Goodbye
Like it or not, the fact is that most of us will outlive our cats, and the time may come when we will have to make the toughest decisions we'll ever have to make: letting a treasured cat go.

The Golden Years - Care of Your Senior Cat
Much like human senior citizens, geriatric cats need a bit more attention and help from their caretakers in order to enjoy the quality of life they deserve in their advancing years. They have served us well, and we need to reward that lifetime of devotion with some well-deserved pampering.

Diseases That Target Senior Cats
You are welcome to take this free online course on Care of your Senior Cat. Lesson 3 deals with Diseases that Target Senior Cats.

Optimizing Your Senior Cat's Health and Well-Being
Although cats are subject to many of the age-related diseases and conditions which afflict humans, they can't tell us what hurts, so it is up to us to be aware of the possibilities and to monitor their health constantly. In addition, there are many precautions we can take with younger cats to forestall problems as they age. With careful management in partnership with your veterinarian, you can help your cat enjoy his golden years to the maximum. Lesson 2 of a free online tutorial.

The Golden Years - Care of Your Senior Cat
Whether we call them "geriatric," "older," or "senior," it is always difficult to watch our old guys and ladies age. Geriatric cats suffer many of the same conditions and diseases as older humans, but careful management can vastly improve their quality of life. These lessons will guide you step-by-step through the roadblocks to those happy Golden Years your cat deserves. This is the same course as the email course by the same name.

Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat
During kitten season, the ongoing cat overpopulation problems become increasingly severe. Hundreds of thousands of kittens end up in shelters, which are already overcrowded. Many of the kittens find homes, at the expense of older cats who have been waiting in vain. Read these reasons why to consider adopting an older cat in this illustrated article, and why to spay and neuter your cats.

Email Class: The Golden Years - Care of Your Senior Class
Geriatric cats suffer many of the same conditions and diseases as older humans, but careful managment can vastly improve their quality of life. These lessons will guide you step-by-step through the roadblocks to those happy Golden Years your cat deserves.

Overview: Diseases that Target Senior Cats
Brief synopsis of diseases that commonly target senior cats. Read the full articles listed in the links below. Part two of a three part series on geriatric cats.

Nurturing Your Senior Cat
From your Cats Guide, a three-part article on the management and concerns of an aging cat for optimum health and enhanced enjoyment of his Golden Years.

The Comfort Factor
Part 3 of the Nurturing Your Senior Cat Series, dealing with the special needs of seniors, such as weight control, grooming, and stress prevention.

Why is my geriatric cat vomiting?
Despite using daily hair-ball remedy, he is vomiting at least two to three times a week. If I miss one day of this routine, he is guaranteed to vomit. I don't know what else to do. He has had a 4 lb. weight loss over the last couple of years. His geriatric feline profile is normal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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