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Top Humane Gifts for Cat Lovers


Would you like to give a gift to your favorite cat person, and at the same time, make a difference in the universe of cats and other animals? These non-profit organizations make that all possible, with a win-win situation for everyone involved, especially the cats who are helped. I've visited several of these groups for my own shopping needs year-round, and they make the holidays especially meaningful, for both me and the recipients.

Share your own favorite non-profit shopping location in the form below. NOTE: Questions or responses to others will not be published. Think of this as your own mini-article.

1. Freekibblekat.com

Photo of Mimi Ausland, Founder of FreeKibble.com, With Shelter Kitten
Photo Credit: © FreeKibble.com

Mimi Ausland, an 11 year old girl in Oregon, set the standard for kid power when she founded Freekibblekat.com in April, 2008. She had been donating kibble to a shelter near here since she was nine, then decided to enlist others to help her.

Mimi's efforts were expanded when Castor & Pollux, a pet food manufacturer in Oregon, became the first corporate sponsor. Since then, freekibble.com has donated 81 TONS of kibble to the shelters. Now you can purchase a Freekibblekat.com t-shirt, which will not only provide more kibble for shelter animals, but will help to advertise this remarkable charity.

2. Tabby's Place Gift Catalog

Tabby's Place's Gift Catalog contains a number of ways you can honor your friends, or the memory of a loved one while helping out the very special cats who make their homes there. The folks who manage and volunteer are just as special as the cats they care for,

3. Animal Rescue Site Store

The Animal Rescue Site is the one you may be familiar with, where a daily click helps feed homeless animals. To date, You can shop for jewelry, many items with their signature pawprint; Paw Print Car Charms; all sorts of apparel, accessories for your home and garden, and much more. Each gift item, when selected, shows how many bowls of food your purchase will help feed a hungry animal. I make gift purchases throughout the year through the Animal Rescue Site, and it's a feel-good sensation, knowing that my gifts will help feed shelter cats and dogs..

4. Shop the Best Friends Store

Best Friends Animal Society, created by the founders of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, operates the Best Friends Store. You can give a gift as small as a key fob, or one of the photo-laden books, or any of the large assortment of clothing, bags, DVDs, and more. Every gift you purchase benefits the Best Friends good works.

5. ASPCA Gift Store

The ASPCA sells apparel, accessories, mugs, books, and more. You'll certainly find one or more suitable gift for a loved one, along with helping to fund the ongoing projects of this great organization.

6. The Hermitage Cat Shelter Store

The Hermitage Cat Shelter Store is now affiliated with Amazon, and has a large selection of cat-related gift items. The store has a nice selection of gift items for both humans and cats, and each purchase helps to benefit this no-kill, no-cage cat sanctuary and adoption center, located in Tucson, AZ.

7. Independent Cat Society Store

The Independent Cat Society is a non-profit, no-kill shelter in Westville, Indiana. Its Cafe Press store includes an array of t-shirts and other gifts with some pretty cute images. I particularly love the t-shirts featuring cats that have been adopted out by the shelter, with the message "Shelter Cats are Beautiful" underneath each photo.

8. Cat Association of Topeka Store

This shelter cleverly chose "Catty Shack" as the name for its cafe press store. The store features a number of cleverly designed images, but I was wild over the C.A.T. Cats one, partly because the photo looked so much like our Jaspurr. I couldn't help myself, but had to order a ringer shirt for son Lance, who is a slave to our three cats.

9. Alaska Humane Society Store

The Alaska Humane Society's store offers t-shirts and other (Cafe Press) items featuring the society's logo. If you or your recipient live in Alaska, any one of these items would be a great gift to help benefit the wonderful work of this society.

10. The Cat Network Store

I confess that even if it wasn't a store for a cat rescue organization, I'd have snagged up some of these adorable t-shirts featuring some very clever artwork and messages. You'll need to scroll past the cat beds (maybe order one of them for a favorite cat), and the t-shirts are closer to the bottom.

The down side is that there is no online order form and you have to send an email to order.

11. The Siamese Store

Whether your friend loves Meezers, or is crazy about cats in general, you'll find something for every cat lover in this store. Proceeds benefit the Siamese Cat Rescue Center. My pick here was the Kitten With Yarn Sweatshirt.
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