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Graphics & Sounds

If you're looking for the perfect cat graphics or sounds to enhance your own personal web pages about cats, you've come to the right place. These resources are loaded with feline clipart, backgrounds, dividers, and other kitty graphics, as well as wav files. A real eye-feast for cat lovers!

Adding Graphics to Your Forum Posts
Use this quick tutorial for spicing up your Cats Forum posts with a signature line complete with pictures or graphics.

Beware of Cat! Graphics
Huge collection of kitty collectibles.

Cat Clipart
From Glenda Moore, nice icons and cat clipart.

Cat Calling Cards
From Diabella, lovely old-fashioned graphics and matching sets, all engraved with pertinent cat advocacy messages

Cat Cat Cat Sounds
Groovy meows and purrs from this ezine. You can download for your own personal pages.

An exceptional collection of cat graphics, many of them originals by the very talented Glenda Moore. Be sure to credit the artist if you use these graphics.

Claw Media Center
Cat graphics, cat postage stamps, and kitty sounds galore!

Diabella's Memorial Sets
Exquisitely crafted backgrounds, dividers and navigational buttons for memorial pages to cats.

Holiday Cats at CatStuff
From CatStuff, just in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the ultimate collection of cat holiday graphics.

Javascript Mouseover Menus
Beautiful and functional Javascript menus and graphics all zipped up for you by Glenda Moore at CatStuff. Be sure to click "next" to see the whole collection.

Purrinlots' Cat SunRoom
Cat sounds from the tiniest kitten's mew to the mightiest roar of the lion! These are only for listening; do not use on your own web site.

Tabby Cat Treasures
In this day and age of excess, it's refreshing to find these darling, tiny little cat graphics from Runtell and Tabby Cat Graphics.

A number of different .wav files with cat sounds: cats fighting, licking, purring, and an assortment of mews. You can purchase the whole set, otherwise they are only for your own entertainment, and not for using on your web site.

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