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One of the nicest part of having an online community about cats, is the give-and-take between readers who comment on various blog posts. The topic may be very serious, such as saving money on cat care during a poor economy, very humorous, such as funny cat pictures or videos or very poignant, such as the death of a well-known cat.

Regardless of the topic, my readers found a lot to say about these particular blogs.

1. Cat Names - What's in a Name?

Picture of Shannon, Named After a Park
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

It seems that we are as selective in naming our cats as we are with our human children, judging from the comment responses to "What's in a Name?" My own angel kitty, Shannon, pictured here, was named after the park he was found in by my daughter. Shannon was possibly also the only cat in the world who had a street named after him. My belated husband, Asa, who designed the industrial subdivision, put Shannon's name in the plans as a lark, and it subsequently sneaked past the city fathers' scrutiny. The sign still stands as a tribute to one man's pride of his cat.

2. Do Cats Have Souls?

Bubba, "Talking" to his Dad
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

Ask any true cat lover if he or she believes cats have souls, and I'll give you 100 to one odds that the answer will be a resounding "Yes!" I wasn't surprised at all then, of the outpouring of stories contributed by my community.

Pictured is my Bubba, who went to the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2005. I have no doubts whatsoever that Bubba and my husband, Asa have reunited in the Hereafter, as have their ashes in a private, undisclosed area on Earth.

3. Do Cats Cry Real Tears?

Tear stains or genetic reasons?
© Laila
My reply to this FAQ was challenged by readers, to such a degree that I may be forced to alter my opinion.

4. When a Cat Dies

This blog was first posted in July, of 2004, and was meant to introduce my new-then article on planning ahead for the disposal of remains. When my Shannon died suddenly in 2001, I had been ill-prepared when my veterinarian asked "What do you want to do with his remains?" I just let him make the decision, and I didn't have the sense of closure I got when I received Bubba's ashes four years later.

However, this blog took on a life of its own when it became a meeting ground of folks who had recently lost their cats. A fellow by the name of Scott is the self-appointed moderator, and gives condolences to new posters, as well as some very useful advice.

5. Raising Cats in a Faltering Economy

Photo of cat being examined by the vet
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
We're all hoping that the economy will turn around after the current election, but in the meantime we have to tighten our belts on expenses. Do you try to save money on cat care expenses, or do you cut expenses in other areas?

6. Are Veterinarians Only In It For the Money?

Photo of Veterinarian & Assistant Examining Cat
Photo Credit: © iStockPhoto_Dennis Guyitt

A reader wrote a User Answer post in the Economic Euthanasia section of my site:

It seems to me that veterinary doctors are only interested in money. They take advantage of our heartache and charge WAY TOO MUCH, just so THEY can drive fancy cars, live in big houses and go on great vacations! Emergency vets are the worst! Shame on all of you who do that to animal lovers! What a sad world we live in.
Guest Lila
While I have nothing but the deepest sympathy for those who have lost cats because they couldn't afford the veterinary care, I felt compelled to present the other side of the story.

7. What breed is my cat?

Billy is a Medium Hair Domestic Cat
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

Although this blog entry was posted back in 2005, hardly a week goes past that one or another person doesn't comment with a lengthy description of her cat and the question of what breed it is. Living proof of human nature, mainly that few people bother to click on the FAQS and articles linked to the blogs.

Before you ask, here are a couple of links that should clear up any confusion:

8. Poll: Leash-Exercising Cats

Maxy on his Leash
Photo Credit: © Jessica Gilbert
For some reason, leash-walking cats isn't discussed very often. But when the subject comes up, people come out of the woodwork to have their say. Although this isn't as hotly discussed as many other topics, there are definitely two sides to the issue. One reader even sent me photos of her cats on leash. If I can ever find one where I put it, I'll post it here.

9. Can my cat catch my cold?

I Could Catch Ringworm From Jenny, but Not a Cold
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Although I maintain my opinion that cat "colds" are not zoonotic diseases, many of my readers disagreed with me. Are the colds they share with their cats simply coincidental, or is there more to it than even the experts believe?

10. Tribute to a Great Cat: Butch

Picture of Cat of the Week: Butch
© Linda P. Wade
Butch attracted cat lovers' attention when he was first selected as Cat of the Week in May, 2007. He was a little shelter cat who after two years of being caged, really needed a new home. In July, Cheryl C.,a reader half-way across the U.S. adopted Butch by long distance, and flew from Ohio to the New Jersey shelter to take him home.

Readers were devastated In July of 2008 to learn that Butch had been diagnosed with cancer. Despite a roller-coaster ride of hope dashed by setbacks, they were dismayed, but very supportive when his death was announced in mid-August. Cheryl is still coping with her loss, and your supportive comments will be appreciated.

11. Isn't it cruel to keep cats indoors?

picture of cat enjoying his garden
© Franny Syufy
This is a hot topic and there is very little middle ground for discussion. Geographical and cultural differences play some role in the debate, as do the mind-set many of us grew up with. Although for the largest period of my own cat-raising years, my family believed we owed it to our cats to let them have free access outdoors. Sad experience led to an epiphany, and I crossed to the other way of thinking. Now I'm more moderate, in that I do allow one of our cats outdoors, but only when I am with her, and she never roams out of my view.

12. Final Tribute: The Man Behind the Cats

Asa With his Cat Bubba
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Cat lovers are the most supportive community I know of. Our forum members are quick to offer empathy, love and support for the loss of a cat, because they know all too well how it feels to grieve for a lost one. The readers who comment on blogs are equally supportive when the loss of a cat is announced, as evidenced by all the comments above, for Butch's passing.

My readers' responses were heartfelt and heartwarming when I announced the passing of my husband in May of 2008, and they helped ease my sorrow more than I can ever express.

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