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Plants for Pets: Hazardous and Safe

Cats love to munch on greenery, but often, the plants we grow indoors and out are hazardous to them in one way or another. These resources list those plants deemed hazardous to pets, and a few thought to be safe.

How Does My Cat Garden Grow?
Gardeners generally fall into two categories: those who enjoy watching their cats sniffing and luxuriating in the greenery, and those who would be happiest if cats just gave their gardens a wide berth. This article addresses both sides of the garden fence.

Hazardous Plants for Cats
A short listing of hazardous plants, along with the types of reactions, compiled by your Guide.

Dr. Sue's Poison Plants List
From the Davis Virtual Market, exactly what it says it is: a list, nicely alphabetized.

Safe Plants for Cat
Here's the other side of the coin: a list of plants deemed safe for cats, assembled by the great Moggies site in the U.K.

Searchable Database of Poisonous Plants
If you just want a "quick and dirty" list with the basic information, this is the place to look first. Note: this is a large database and may take a few moments to load.

Toxic Plant Database
From the University of Illinois Library, lists by common and scientific names, with links to photographs. No other information given, at present.

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