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Is it safe for owners to vaccinate their own cats?


Photo of Vet Preparing to Vaccinate Cat

Photo of Vet Preparing to Vaccinate Cat

Photo Credit: © iStockPhoto/Copyright: Jon Schulte
Question: Is it safe for owners to vaccinate their own cats?
Is it safe for the owner to vaccinate their own pets? I see offers on that very popular cat site that sell animals supplies, where you can buy the vaccine and they give you instructions on how to do it.

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In my considered opinion, at-home vaccinating of cats should only be undertaken by someone who has a complete understanding of the various vaccines available, as well as their delivery methods; how they work; and which vaccines might NOT be a good choice for any given cat.

Why trust strangers to provide vaccines for your precious cats? Those vaccines you find online may not be safe and you have no way of knowing their origin, their true shelf life, or how/where they have been processed, stored, and handled. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are these vaccines adjuvanted?
  • Do I know the approved protocols for administering vaccines?
  • Are they guaranteed by the manufacturer?
  • Should one or another of these vaccines be safer given intranasel for any of my cats?
  • Do I know how to recognize an abnormal reaction?
  • Do I know what to do for an abnormal reaction?

Vaccinating cats is really not a DIY venture for the uneducated. The money you save may be multiplied tenfold if something goes wrong.

While it is true that some breeders vaccinate their own cats, these individuals have years of experience.

Consider also, that your veterinarian also uses your vax appointment as an opportunity to do a well-check on your cat - a professional examination that all cats need regularly in order to stay well.

Although those ads sound convincing, I'd advise you to let your veterinarian, who knows your cat, handle the vaccinations. It is a relatively minor cost, compared to the potential, should something go wrong with your DIY vaccinations.

For Other Readers:
I'm interested in learning more about your experiences, both good and bad. If you have decided not to vaccinate your own cat, I'd like to know more about that decision also.

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Readers Respond: Do you vaccinate your own cats? Share your reasons and experiences?

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