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Form a Partnership With Your Veterinarian

4 Reasons Why You and Your Vet Should Be Partners


You Owe it to Your Cat to Form a Partnership With Your Vet

You Owe it to Your Cat to Form a Partnership With Your Vet

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I've always encouraged cat parents to form a partnership with your veterinarian. Next to genetics, your cat's health is the most important factor in determining his or her's ultimate life span. We all want our cats to live longer, and your veterinarian should be your prime source of not only veterinary care, but advice about your cat's health. There are several reasons to consider:

  1. Your Partnership is Based on Mutual Trust:
    • You trust your vet to give your cat the best treatment plan, both for emergencies and for routine appointments
    • Your vet trusts you to follow his/her instructions implicitly, and to notify him if problems arise.
    • At the same time, your vet is willing to listen and discuss certain alternative care ideas you may have.
  2. The History Behind those D.V.M. Initials
    Your veterinarian spent several years, and thousands of dollars getting the education he needed to sport that doctorate degree. What do you know about the credentials of John or Jane Doe who give advice on the Internet?
  3. Hands-On Experience
    Even the best D.V.M. on the Internet can't diagnose your cat. Why? Because they lack that hands-on examination, including blood tests and other diagnostic scans
  4. Your Vet Knows Your Cat
    Your veterinarian knows your cat literally inside and out. Patient chart records are important, but your partner vet's fingers actually can remember the feel of various parts of your cat's body, and will spot changes between visits.
Your part of the partnership will be similar. You will learn to know your cat's health IQ intimately, by regular hands-on inspections when you play with, pet, or groom your cat. You'll also make it a practice to routinely examine your cat's mouth, and (especially with older cats) to weigh him regularly. AND, you'll report these changes to your partner vet and make appointments when he advises. That's what partnerships are all about.
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