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Cat Health 101: Veterinary Care for Cats


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Cat Health 101: Form a Partnership With Your Veterinarian
Picture of Young Cat Owner With Veterinarian

Young Cat Owner With Veterinarian

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Recognize that your veterinarian is your cat's lifeline to good health. S/he will tend to your cat's routine needs, such as spay/neuter, dental care, and annual vaccinations. Your veterinarian will also examine, diagnose, and prescribe treatment for serious and/or chronic feline diseases.

You are also an essential part of this partnership, because you care for your cat's needs on a daily basis, and know your cat's day-to-day activities intimately. You will be the first line of defense for your cat's health, as you learn to recognize signals that call for a vet visit.

This partnership with your veterinarian is of vital importance. Next to genetics, your cat's health is the most important factor in determining his or her's ultimate life span. We all want our cats to live longer, and your veterinarian should be your prime source of not only veterinary care, but advice about your cat's health. There are several reasons to consider.

Read more to learn the 4 Reasons Why You Should Partner With Your Veterinarian.

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