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Veterinary Care for Cats


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Understanding Anesthesia for Cats
Photo of Veterinarian Spaying Cat

Veterinarian Spaying Cat

Photo Credit: © iStock Photo/Mark Coffey

To experienced cat owners, nothing is quite as frightening as being told your cat needs to be anesthetized for a procedure. The definition of anesthesia is "loss of feeling or sensation," and in the lay person's mind, anesthesia is as close to death as a body can be without actually dying. Yet, the use of anesthetics is common in veterinary practices, and provides an essential tool for surgical or other painful procedures.

Certainly no one would ever expect their cat to be spayed or neutered without benefit of anesthesia, nor undergo dental surgery, nor fracture reduction. Therefore, a better understanding of some of the commonly-used types of anesthetics and analgesics (pain relievers), how they work, and their potential drawbacks, will help us make the best decisions when it comes to sedating our cats.

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