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Can you help stop my cat from dragging his butt across my carpet?


Question: Can you help stop my cat from dragging his butt across my carpet?
I have had my 8-year old cat for about four years now. Over the past 2 years he has a new habit. Once he is done "pooping," he comes out of his litter box, walks to the carpeted area and drags his butt and leaves a residue of poop. We have recently moved to another home and he continues to do this. Now, whenever I hear him scratching in his box, I check to see if he is pooping and promptly wipe his bottom with a baby wipe. Is there anyway for me to train him not to drag his butt on the carpet?
Answer: My first concern is that this particular problem could be related to an anal gland problem. Scooting his butt across the carpet is a typical action of a cat with an anal gland infection or even an impacted anal gland. It's a fairly routine procedure at the veterinary clinic to do an anal gland inspection and "expression" of the glands My first suggestion would be to make an appointment for Max to be seen, as soon as possible. There's an article on my site that goes into this condition in further detail.
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