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Homeopathy - Holistic Veterinary - Natural Care

Homeopathic and Holistic veterinary medicine are alternative forms of treatment which are being used more and more by traditional veterinarians. These resources help tear away the cobwebs surrounding alternative medicine.

Raw Food Diets for Cats
Why Consider a Raw Food Diet? The simplest answer is, "Because it closely approximates the diet cats would get in the wild; the diet to which their physiology is naturally attuned." This article will help you decide if a raw food diet is best for your cat.

Glossary of Feline Terms - alternative veterinary medicine
Feline glossary definition of alternative veterinary medicine.

Natural Health Solutions for Cats
Sooner or later, almost everyone who shares a home with a cat discovers "natural health" or hears about holistic veterinary procedures such as accupuncture, massage therapy or homeopathic remedies.

Books on Natural Food and Nutrition for Cats
The serious cat owner will eventually discover that there is more to feeding a cat than opening a bag or can. These books will not only help you in making a decision, but will offer the information you need to get started on a new and exciting venture: optimizing your cat's life through natural foods.

Books About Natural Health Solutions for Cats
Holistic medicine is not intended to replace traditional "allopathic" veterinary care, but in conjunction, the two can ensure optimal health and well-being for your cat. These are my top picks in books on natural health.

Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Referral List
Members have varying degrees of specialized education in homeopath treatment, so be sure to read the information on this page before searching the list for a veterinarian in your area.

Associations for Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Me
From AltVetMed, a list of associations of veterinarians who practice holistic medicine; a good starting point for finding a homeopathic veterinarian in your area.

Blakkatz on Homeopathy
Michelle Barnard, author of "Raising Cats Naturally," explains homeopathy in easily-understandable language.

Dr. Schoen - Natural Animal Healing
Dr. Schoen is the author of the book, "Kindred Spirits," and practices natural healing in his clinic in New York, and southwest Connecticut.

Herbs in Veterinary Medicine
Article by Dr. Susan G. Wynn on the use of whole plants in homeopathic medicine.

A Homeopathic Alternative
Tom Hapka, a lay person offers a homemade "milk shake" that worked for his FIV cat Jac.

An Introduction to Veterinary Accupuncture
From AltVetMed, information on the use of accupuncture for treating a number of conditions in animals.

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