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Home-Prepared Cat Food - Cooked and Raw Diets for Cats

Many concerned cat owners have turned to home-prepared food for their cats in an effort to provide the very best diet. If you are interested in feeding your cat "naturally," these articles, recipes, and features will pave the way toward an understanding of home-prepared food for cats.
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Marta Kaspar
Guest Author's Profile: Marta Kaspar, founder of Alternative Nutrition LLC

Homemade Cat Food
I have been feeding home-prepared food to our cats for several years and during that time I have come across a lot of recipes on the internet or in different books. Most of them claimed to be balanced diets. One day I grabbed my calculator, did the math and discovered that many of those recipes were incredibly out of balance. Learn more about balanced homemade recipes for cats, from Marta Kaspar.

Kymythy R. Schultze, CN
Short profile of author Kymythy R. Schultze, author of many books on feeding dogs and cats.

Turkey Surprise -
Thanksgiving turkey recipe especially for your kitties

Before You Try a Raw Food Diet for Your Cat - What You Need to Know
Cats are obligate carnivores and their systems have evolved from thousands of years of eating a raw food diet in the wild. A raw meat diet supplemented with grains, vegetables and fruits, taurine, certain enzymes, and essential fatty acids will closely approximate the food your cat would get in the wild.

Natural Raw Food Diet for Cats - The Hows and Whys of Feeding Cats Raw
A carefully home-prepared raw food diet closely approximates the diet cats would get in the wild; the diet to which their physiology is naturally attuned.

Raising Cats Naturally by Michelle T. Bernard
Although this book encompasses the whole scope of raising cats as Nature intended, a large portion of it is devoted to the raw food diet the author feeds her cats.

Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets
This book offers a plethora of information about diet related to health, and over 200 recipes for dogs and cats, but I found it a bit tedious to separate out the cats-relevant material.

Cats Top Picks - Raw Food Supplements
The recent emphasis on cat food ingredients has caused many concerned cat owners to turn to a home prepared raw food diet for their cats. However, finding the necessary supplemental ingredients to round out the nutritional requirements can be daunting. These raw food diet supplements take out the guesswork and save time, in addition.

Product Review - Instincts TC from Feline Future
Instincts, from Feline Future, was in the vanguard of promoting raw diets for cats, after a decade of research and analysis of cats' natural diet. Mixed with raw meat, Instinct forms a complete and natural diet for promoting optimal health in your cat.

Product Review - Sojourner Farms European-Style Cat Food Mix
Mixed with raw meat and fruit or vegetables, forms a tasty, complete and natural diet for your cat.

Kitty Is What Kitty Eats - Guest Article
You have heard the phrase, "you are what you eat" and that applies to animals too. You can't take a package of "dead" cat food and keep "life" in an animal. Guest writer Donna Watkins shares tips for herbs, fruits, and vegetables you can add to your cat's diet to bring it alive.

Making Cat Food
Noted veterinarian, Dr. Lisa A. Pierson, DVM, describes her experiences with raw feeding, and shares sources for protein such as chicken and rabbit, along with her notes on why certain ingredients are added or eliminated. A very worthwile read for someone interested in feeding raw.

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