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Just Rite Urine Cleaning Products

Full Review of Two Cat Urine Cleaning Products by Just Rite

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Just Rite Urine Cleaning Products Kit

Just Rite Urine Cleaning Products Kit

Photo Credit: © Just Rite Cleaning Products, Inc.

Cat urine stains and odors can wreak havoc on a household. In fact, one of the most common reasons for surrendering cats to shelters are "litter box problems." The urine odor removal industry has grown in leaps and bounds as the number of pet households have increased.

The longer urine remains on floors, carpets, and walls, the more damage it creates, as bacteria feeds on the urea, creating urine salts with an overpowering odor. In order to completely remove the offensive odors and stains, all traces of urea crystals must be removed. Just Rite Cleaning Products claim to do exactly that.

Cleaning Cat Urine From Hard-Surfaced Floors

Conflict between two cats in our house resulted in one cat leaving urine marking in the downstairs master bathroom, which, as all our downstairs floors, is Spanish bomanite tile (a form of stamped, colored concrete.) Bill, from Just Rite, gave me detailed instructions for removing all the urine stains and odor. Supplies needed:

  • A Black (Ultraviolet) Light Compare Prices
  • White Vinegar
  • Ivory Dish Soap or similar (Soap, NOT Detergent)
  • Just Rite Odor Free (Full Strength in a Spray Bottle)
  • Just Rite Instant Odor Neutralizer 3X
    Mix one part to two parts water in a spray bottle

Process for Removing Urine and Odor from Hard-Surfaced Floors

What I like most about this process is that it is almost labor-free, and requires minimal time to complete, exclusive of the waiting period.

First, in a darkened room, use the black light to locate the areas with urine. I marked them with small pieces of masking tape for easy location later. I did this the night before. I also mixed the vinegar solution at that time: Mix 10 parts water to one part white vinegar in a clean spray bottle. Add just a small squirt of the Ivory dish liquid, and gently mix (don't shake the bottle). This is the floor prep, which creates a surfectant with a low pH from the vinegar, which will help the floor absorb the Just Rite products. The next morning:

  1. Spray the cat urine areas liberally with the vinegar floor prep.
  2. Immediately spray the full strength Odor Free over the prepared area.
  3. Next, spray the Instant Odor Neutralizer 3X over the same area.
  4. Wait four to six hours
  5. Mop with clear water to clean up resultant urea crystals.

How the Just Rite Products Work

1 2 3 Odor Free

Specially engineered bacillus bacteria produce significant enzyme quantities including protease, amylase, lipase, and cellulose. These enzymes "cleave" larger organics into smaller particles for bacterial consumption and conversion to CO2 and water. Because it is formulated in a spore state the product has a shelf life of up to five years.

Instant Odor Neutralizer 3X

From the manufacturer: "Instant Odor Neutralizer will eliminate all air-borne odors, immediately and permanently. It works in perfect unison with the bacteria culture, eliminating immediate air-borne odors, while the culture eliminates them permanently."

My Review of Just Rite Products

Just Rite Hard Floor Cleaners

Just Rite Hard Floor Cleaners

Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

I've used a number of other urine odor removers over the years, and the Just Rite products exceed all my expectations. Most other enzyme products removed the odor for a short period, but they did not remove the cat urine producing the odor. As a result, it didn't take long for those pesky bacteria to move in again and produce a whole crop of strong urine odors.

The only way to ensure the odor is gone permanently, according to the Just Rite web site, is to get rid of the uric acid entirely. Over a month has passed since I applied the treatment, and there is no lingering cat urine odor. I can only conclude that the products I used worked as advertised. That is my most important criteria when reviewing any cat product.

Some products used in this review, including shipping, were supplied or discounted by the manufacturer.
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