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Clean Green Homemade Roach Trap

Cat-Safe If Used Properly


We humans consider roaches to be disgusting and repulsive, and no one wants these nasty critters invading our home space. Because roaches are one of the most ancient living beings on earth, they are the "poster bugs" for survival of the fittest. Roaches are difficult to eradicate; one visible roach represents thousands of their hidden buddies.

Step 1: First Prevent...

  • Have a "Closed Door Policy for Roaches
    The most efficient way to get rid of roaches is to prevent their entry into your home. Although protected by a sturdy plate, they are incredibly agile little "shape-shifters," and can squeeze through the smallest crevices and cracks.
    • Start your roach closed-door policy by tightly sealing all exterior cracks - silicone caulking works well
    • Seal the joints inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets where the back, sides, and top meet.
    • Board off and seal all gaps where cabinets meet. For example, we have a 5" square hole in the corner, between the bottom of two kitchen cabinets - a perfect "stairway" for roaches to visit the upstairs area.
    • Make sure doors and windows are adequately sealed with weather stripping.
  • Stop Feeding Them
    Roaches will eat almost anything: hair, nail clippings, skin flakes, cat food, and garbage. You must remove their regular food source to force them to look elsewhere for food.
    • Keep a scrupulously clean kitchen. Wipe down counters daily, and clean up food spills. Don't forget to run the garbage disposal frequently.
    • Removing pet food dishes at night.
    • Vacuum carpets and rugs regularly.
    • Empty waste baskets and garbage cans every day.

Step 2: Kill

Try this homemade formula for roach traps. Adjust quantities, if necessary, to mix only enough for one use. Do not store any leftovers, but dispose of safely.

Mix together well:

  • 1 pound borax (Boraxo)
  • 3 1/2 pounds powdered sugar
  • 1 ounce cocoa powder
  • 2 ounces table salt

Build a Roach Trap

Create sealed cat-proof containers, using plastic bottles with screw-on or snap-on lids. Funnel the roach formula into the bottle, secure the top, lay the bottle on its side, then use a sharp knife to create an opening large enough for roaches to crawl in, on the top side of the bottle (about an inch in diameter is plenty. Or, to prevent the poisoned roaches from escaping, you can punch a hole in the side of the bottle, then use a sharp Exacto knife to cut one-inch long slits around the edge of the hole. Push the resulting little triangles inward, so the opening is large enough for roaches to enter. Place the roach traps inside kitchen and bathrobe cabinets (make sure you have cat-proofed the doors).

Although they are more expensive, the disposable plastic food containers (sandwich size) made by GladTM and other companies, make good roach traps. Seal the lid tightly and create the same kind of opening on the top of the lid as described above.

Build a Better Roach Trap

From a reader: I cut the tops off empty Gatorade TM bottles, and turn the funnel shaped part upside down, inserted into top of remainder of bottle. Use watermelon knife or kids scissors and pocketknife. You might have to make a couple extra little cuts to make it fit into the bottom part. The roaches climb up just like into a drink cup, go down the funnel, and get stuck in the bait powder.

Thanks for the bait recipe. I can make these and put them in all of the closets and trouble spots for nearly free!

Dispose the Bodies

Dump the content and refill the traps as they fill, or once a month. (Be sure to put the bait and dead roaches in a tightly closed plastic garbage bag for disposal.)

A final note: In the unlikely event that a roach escapes the trap after feeding and expires on the floor, dispose of it immediately. Cats may become sick by eating poisoned roaches.

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