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How to Choose the Right Food for Your Cat

Cat food is one of the most important expenses of feline guardianship, next to veterinary care. It is important also to note that proper diet can eliminate or delay veterinary expense for a number of serious medical conditions. Learn how to read cat food labels, why some foods are better than others, and what those mysterious ingredients are.

Human Foods to Avoid for Cats - Toxic Foods
Let's face it: some cats are inveterate "bums" and will beg and plead most appealingly while you try to eat. While I will (rarely) give a cat a tidbit of chicken or turkey from my plate, it's a practice I don't encourage as a regular habit for a few reasons. Find out which foods are absolute no-nos for cats.

Tips for Choosing Cat Food - Learning the Basics about Cat Food Labels
The ultimate purpose of this series is to help you learn how to read cat food labels to make your decision process easier in choosing the best foods for your cat

Understanding Cat Food Labels - the forumulas you need
Learn how to analyze cat food labels to better understand the meaning of the "Guaranteed Analysis" section, and exactly what the AAFCO can and cannot do in regulating cat food.

What's in the Bag?
Learning to read cat food labels can be a daunting task, especially with those mysterious ingredients. If you weren't already aware, you should know that ingredients are listed in order, by weight.

What's In the Bag? Part 2
This is the second in a series of "check the bag" articles about cat food. The product featured here is a premium brand, one my cats presently eat and enjoy.

Cat Food Comparison - Brands A-Z
As cat owners become more informed consumers, we need a way to compare one brand of dry or canned cat food against another, to ensure our cats get the very best nutrition they need for growth, healthy skin, teeth, and muscle development. Find your cat's food in the list and compare.

Why All the Fuss About Cat Food
Retail cat food is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It is therefore unfortunate that some of the top-selling pet foods may be doing cats an injustice. Concerned caregivers will want to find out more about the pros and cons of those popular brands of food.

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