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Top Cats' Scratching Posts and Pads


Every cat should own several scratching posts, of varying size, angle, and scratching surface. Scratching posts are essential to cats, for needed exercise, stress relief, and claw management, and will save wear and tear on furniture and carpeting, as well. With scratching posts, costs are not necessarily a factor, as the inexpensive corrugated cardboard pads are a favorite with cats.

The Purrfect Post

PurrFect Post
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Developed by a veterinarian, the Purrfect Post stands a sturdy 31.5" high, which gives cats the opportunity to really reach and pull when scratching - vital for the stretching they need. This post is surfaced with sisal fabric, considered superior to sisal rope as a scratching substrate. The 17.5" base gives added stability.

We've has our Purrfect Post for some time now and all three of our cats enjoy it. Jaspurr, in particular, loves to stretch tall.

Cosmic Alpine Scratcher

Jaspurr gives the Cosmic Alpine Scratcher a good workout
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Inclined corregated cardboard scratching block is treated with catnip and has a mouse toy suspended inside for added play. Cats love the feel of corregated cardboard and the inclined position gives a good workout to muscles that may be missed with vertical scratching posts. This scratching pad is inexpensive enough that you could place two or three in various areas around the house.

Ours is well-worn, but still well-loved and used regularly by our cats after five years. We've replaced the corregated pad once or twice (it also can be turned over for double the use). Jaspurr, pictured here, and his little brother Joey, actually could climb inside that hole in the side when they were kittens. The Cosmic Alpine Scratcher brings many memories.

Catit Hourglass Decorative Scratcher

Billy With Cat-it Scratcher
photo © Franny Syufy
The Catit Hourglass Decorative Scratcher is relatively inexpensive. It is built on a sturdy hollow frame, measures 18 inches tall, and the base is 14 inches in diameter. The scratching material is corn-husk and sisal rope blend. While the older cats have so far ignored it, Billy already has claimed it as his, and Jenny, his younger housemate, has yet to check it out.

Blitz Turbo Scratcher for Cats

Blitz Turbo Scratcher
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Like the Scratch Lounger, the Blitz Turbo Scratcher fits two needs in one. This product gets mixed reviews, but since some cats seem to love it, I'm including it for the variety it gives. The scratching pad is on the center of the ring, and a grooved track around the perimeter contains a ball cats can chase, if they've a mind to.
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Classy Kitty Slanted Cat Post with Cardboard Scratcher

Classy Kitty Slant Scratcher
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
This scratcher uses a combination of a slanted post, carpeted frame and cardboard scratching surface inserts, for variety in cat's scratching fun.
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