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Indoors VS Outdoors - Cats Really Are Safer Inside

The indoor-outdoor controversy has gone on for years, but more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of keeping their cats indoor only. Learn the reasons, as well as safe compromises.
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Why I Choose to Keep my Cat Indoors - or Allow him Outdoors
I have been on both sides of the indoor-outdoor controversy around cats, and I thoroughly understand and appreciate both points of view. After losing several cats to the outdoors,I had an epiphany, and changed my stance after losing my oldest cat to complications of FIV. Have you experienced an epiphany that led to your decision to keep your cats indoors? Or have you decided after serious cons…

Top 10 Reasons to Keep Cats Indoors
Keeping cats indoors has become more of the accepted standard in the past several years, although there are still many who believe in allowing them fresh air and freedom.

The Great Indoor-Outdoor Debate Revisited
Next to declawing, the indoor-outdoor question is probably one of the hottest topics for debate, with both sides polarized to their own views. Having been on both sides of the fence, I can fully understand the feelings of those on each side. Indeed, this debate seems to be more prevalent in the United States, as in many other countries, cats are allowed free access to the outdoors.

The Great Indoor-Outdoor Controversy - Cats
My husband and I came from a background that treated all cats as outdoor animals. We lived in a very small town before our marriage, and found little need to keep our pets confined indoors. Indeed, it seemed then, as it does now, somehow cruel to deprive them of the glories of the outdoors they all love so well.

The Outdoors Cat - Safe Solutions for Indoors-Only
If you are a cat owner who believes cats are happier and healthier with outdoor access, here are some safe compromises to offer your indoor cat the best of both worlds, without the potential hazards of free roaming outdoors.

How Does My Cat Garden Grow?
Gardeners generally fall into two categories: those who enjoy watching their cats sniffing and luxuriating in the greenery, and those who would be happiest if cats just gave their gardens a wide berth. This article addresses both these needs.

The Indoor Cat Initiative
Excellent site, managed by veterinarians, on the special needs of indoors cats, and ways of keeping them healthy, active and happy while safe indoors.

Tale of Two Cats
Good advice from Jennifer Gardner on turning a cat with previous outdoor permission into an indoor-only cat.

Cats and Wildlife - a Conservation Dilemma
Authors John S. Coleman, Stanley A. Temple, and Scott R. Craven cite three factors that allow domestic cats to exist at much higher densities than native predators.

Discouraging Roaming Cats
Your cat doesn't roam, but your neighbor's does? Dumb Friends League of Denver offers humane solutions for protecting your garden and children's sand boxes from roaming stray cats.

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