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Guest Articles from Jim Willis

Jim Willis is a prolific writer and animal advocate, whose essays have been a source of inspiration to thousands of rescue workers, including the selfless souls who work in "kill shelters." He has generously shared writings from his recent book, " Pieces of my Heart - Writings Inspired by Animals and Nature," and it is only fitting that he have his own index on this site.

Jim Willis Profile
Short biography of author and animal advocate Jim Willis, author of 'Pieces of my Heart,' including the world-renowned piece, 'How Could You?'

Tribute to his lost babies by Jim Willis
A touching tribute by great author and savior of animals to the fourteen furkids he lost on January 25, 2004.

Beloved of Bast
A sensitive, compassionate story written by Jim Willis, who operated a rescue organization called The Tiergarten Sanctuary, along with a very special extra piece called, "The Animals' Savior," which has become a beacon of strength to shelter workers.

Free Kittuns
This sad story reminds us that "free to a good home" is unwise, at best, and that spaying and neutering can save lives as well as heartache.

How Could You?
This essay has been translated into 25 languages and has been called the most published animal-related essay in the world. Although the main character is a dog, the lives of countless cats have also undoubtedly been saved because of this piece.

The Fourth Magi - A Christmas Story
Jim shares a glorious story about a cat-hating curmudgeon and the cat who had his own say about the matter.

Help Stop the Inhumane Killing!
This writer is sickened by the various inhumane methods used across the U.S. in many "shelters," and is advocating for a national law, which he is promoting in the Killing with Kindness campaign, which he jointly founded.

La Visitadora - The Visitor
A poignant story about a cat, two women, and the man who brought them together, from the prolific writer and artist, Jim Willis, who is a popular contributer to pet sites on About.com

The Zen of Cat
Losing a cat is never easy, but we have much to learn from them in death as well as life, as illustrated by this wonderful story by a prolific writer and animal lover.

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