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Books About Cats for Children

Encourage your children's appreciation of cats by sharing with them these books written especially for kids, about cats. All books listed have been read and reviewed by your Cats Guide

"Won Ton," by Lee Wardlaw and Eugene Yelchin
Read this book review of the childen's book Won Ton by Lee Wardlaw and Eugene Yelchin to learn about cat adoption.

Review - Leo Le Chat Comes to Play
Review of the children's book, Leo Le Chat Comes to Play, a First French Story by Opal Dunn and Cathy Gale.

A Bed Full of Cats
A nice book for introducing kids to cats and kittens. Conscientious parents might want to discuss spay and neuter at a later age.

Cat Crafts - Kids Can Do
Cat Crafts" will provide many hours of enjoyable crafting for kids who love cats.

Come Here Tiger!
"Come Here, Tiger!" is a bit of a juvenile mystery, and sharp-eyed youngsters will see a number of visual clues.

Figaro The Cat Who Snored
A delightful story to read aloud to a child and then to discuss the lessons it teaches about values in friendships.

Gobbolino the Witch's Cat
An engaging story, whether read aloud in a family gathering, or consumed silently in private.

Mr.Putter & Tabby Feed the Fish
A great kids' cat story with a feel-good ending! One in a series of Mr. Putter books.

Mr.Putter & Tabby Paint the Porch
This cute story will leave grownups and youngsters alike giggling and feeling "in the pink."

Nothing but Miracles
The illustrations by Susan L. Roth take this Walt Whitman poem to a whole new dimension for cat lovers of all ages.

Sam and Jack - Three Stories
Nice little short stories for the beginning reader, reminiscent of the classic Dick and Jane books.

Stella's Dancing Days
Although the ending is a bit predictable for adults, kids will enjoy the story and the precious illustrations.

The Klondike Cat by Julie Lawson
The Historical Note at the end provides rich details of the Klondike Stampede, which inspired this story.

Three Cat and Mouse Tales
Parents and grandparents will recognize these three timeless "once upon a time" stories from their own childhood, and will delight in sharing them with their children.

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