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Kitten Care - Online Tutorial

Lesson 6 - Play Time!


da Bird interactive cat toy

da Bird is a Great Interactive Cat Toy for kittens

This is what you've been waiting for (or maybe you jumped ahead.) One of the reasons people choose kittens over adult cats is their energetic playfulness, and there is nothing quite so much fun as playing with a kitten or watching him at play.

This lesson provides many play opportunities with things you'll find around your house, as well as wonderful and tempting toys you can purchase.

Useful Tips About Toys

Before You Buy Cat Toys
Includes tips and hints for "homemade" play fun, things to avoid as toys (balls of yarn make for great photo ops, but are anathema for young kittens as toys), and things to look for in purchased toys.

How to Play With Your Cat
You may feel that playing with a kitten is something that just comes naturally and doesn't need an instruction manual. You may be surprised, after reading this article.

Purchased Toy Suggestions

Top Picks - Interactive Toys
Playing with your cat is essential for bonding, weight control, and for helping your cat develop muscle tone, agility, and stamina. Some of these toys were designed for cats' individual play, but can be converted for interactive use. These are the very favorite toys with our feline family, both adults and kitten.

Top Picks - General Toys
This list includes both some of the interactive toys listed above,some catnip toys listed below, and other toys for entertaining your kitten when he's "home alone." Don't be surprised to find mice here. :)


Who Put the "Nip" in Catnip?
That cats go crazy over catnip is no secret. All four of our boys, from kitten Billy down to crochety Bubba, find their "kitten within" when presented with a new catnip toy or a recycled sock filled with catnip. It's sort of like the old "chicken and egg" conundrum. Did catnip get its name because cats are so nuts over it, or did they fall for the oldest marketing ploy in the world?

Note: Younger kittens will not have the strong affinity for catnip until they grow a bit more, so if your kitten ignores those catnip mice, don't waste your money until they're a bit older.

Top Picks - Catnip Toys and Accessories
Your kitten will be your best buddy forever if you plant a small pot of catnip for his own personal use, give him his own catnip "blankie," or rub or spray catnip on his scratching post or climbing tree. These are some attractive catnip products I've found and like.

Have fun playing with your kitten!

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