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Kitten Care - Online Tutorial

Lesson 3 - Food and Nutrition for Your New Kitten


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Kitten Food for Kittens

Franny Syufy
As mentioned in Lesson 1, a well thought-out nutrition plan is critical to your kitten's growth and development. What you learn here will carry you and your kitten through a lifetime of solid nutrition as he grows into an active, strong cat.

Appropriate Kitten Foods

Kitten Food for Kittens
It can't be said too many times. Kittens need kitten food; not cat food, not table scraps, and definitely not dog food!

If you have any lingering doubts, re-read this article.

Canned Food Versus Dry
While many cat caregivers consider dry food to be THE staple for cats, with canned food given as supplement, the exact opposite is true. Cats raised on canned food from the start, avoid many health problems at least partially attributable to dry foods.

Suggested Food Choices

Top Picks: Premium Canned Kitten Food
Kittens need a premium canned food for the source of all the necessary nutrients needed to promote the development of strong bones and muscles, promote healthy teeth and gums, and to provide a source of protein and fat needed for the intense period of growth which occurs during the all-important first year.

Top Picks: Premium Dry Kitten Food
Ideally, young kittens should be fed a quality canned food at least three or four times a day, during their first five to six months, with dry premium kitten food offered on a "free feeding" basis, although this may be a problem for "working parents."

Be sure to make readily available plenty of cool, fresh water if feeding mostly dry, and at least offer canned food mornings and evenings.

Table Scraps for Your Kitten?

In a word, no. Some kittens and cats love to beg at the table, but although you might be tempted, do not encourage this habit. First, some human foods are potentially toxic to cats (onions and chocolate are at the top of this list.) Second, if they fill up on human food, they'll not get the specific nutrients needed by cats to survive and thrive. Put flowers on the table instead of kittens.

FAQ: Can I feed my cat table scraps?
FAQ: Human Foods Toxic to Cats

Water: Essential for Life

What's in Your Kitten's Water?
The water in my town stinks - literally, because of a high preponderance of certain minerals. Although it's claimed not to be a health risk, I would not drink it, and I certainly would not give it to my cats.

If you're not absolutely sure of the content in your municipal water, use the tips in the article referenced, to satisfy yourself as to its safety. Next > Grooming and Maintenance

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