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FAQs About Kittens

Your Guide to Cats answers frequently asked questions about kittens.

How do I tell the sex of a kitten?
A reader asks how to determine the sex of a kitten.

FAQ - Mother cat will not feed newborn kittens
HELP! My cat had a litter of six kittens, unfortunately 2 died shortly after they were born. It seems that the mother no longer wants to feed the other 4 babies. Do you have any suggestions? Read the answer and other FAQS on pregnancy and mating of cats at About.com Cats.

Can I spay my 10 month old kitten who is in heat ?
I have a 10 month old kitten that stays indoors. She has been in heat for the past few days, I think. I plan on having her spayed in the next few weeks but I wanted to know if she is experiencing any pain.

How long should a kitten stay with its mother?
A reader writes to ask how long a kitten should stay with its mother before being adopted to another home.

Please suggest a safe flea shampoo for a kitten
FAQ: Can you suggest a safe flea shampoo for our 10-month old kitten?

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