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Inappropriate Elimination in Cats

Inappropriate Elimination is the number one reason cats are surrendered to shelters. By eliminating physical causes then targeting other common reasons for litterbox avoidance, you can help your cat overcome this undesirable behavior.

Your Cat's Urinary Tract Health and Litter Box Problems
Cats' peeing outside the litter box is not always a behavioral problem. Eliminating a urinary tract disorder is necessary without delay.

Why Does my Cat Poop Outside the Box?
A reader asks why his 16 year old cat started pooping outside the box six months ago. This article discusses the various causes for defecating outside the box, and outlines a plan of action. Read this frequently asked cat behavior question for more information.

Why did my cat wet the bed?
Last night I let the cats sleep in the room with me and my youngest cat slept on the bed with me. When I woke up the next morning, I noticed a pee stain where she was sleeping. Is there such a thing as cat "bedwetting"? I haven't had the chance to get her fixed yet because of the move, could she be urinating because of that? Read my reply to this cats behavioral FAQ.

How to Stop Cats From Spraying Urine
A reader is distressed over her cats' urine spraying problem while she was on a week-long trip, and asks for advice on removing the urine stains and odors, and how to prevent his spraying in the future. Read my reply to this frequently asked cat behavior question.

Urine Spraying Success Stories - Reader-submitted stories of success …
If you've ever had problems with cats spraying urine, or peeing outside the box, you know how frustrating it can be, especially if medical problems have been ruled out. Perhaps you've been successful in reversing this problem. Share your success story with other readers.

Urine Spraying Success Story
One of the most cited reasons for surrendering cats to shelters is urine spraying or litter box avoidance. This cat was abandoned by its owners when my reader stepped in and gave her a home. Despite the evidence that the cat had a real problem, her new caregiver never gave up. Now Jackie's urine spraying is a thing of the past.

He Peed WHERE?
Troubled by your cat's inappropriate elimination? There are a number of causes and their respective solutions, as presented here by your Cats Guide.

How to Prevent Litter Box Problems
Changes in your cat's litter box behavior can almost always be traced to a medical condition, stress, or something she dislikes about her litter box environment. Fortunately, a little know-how and preventive maintenance can greatly reduce the chance of litter box problems.

Outside the Box - Part 1: How to Prevent Problems
Inappropriate elimination tops the list of problems feline behaviorists deal with, and it's the number one reason cats are surrendered to shelters or pounds. That's the bad news. The good news is that housesoiling problems can be prevented.

Outside the Box - Part 2: How to Solve Problems
Is it possible to correct housesoiling problems with any degree of certainty that they will not recur? The answer is yes-if you are willing to follow some important recommendations that will work with the cat's basic nature and instincts to modify the behavior.

Toilet Training for Cats vs Kitty Litter- Guest Article by Lin Komula
Guest writer Lin Komula discusses toilet training for cats versus the traditional use of litter boxes and litter.

Feline House Soiling Problems
Dr Janet Crosby, Veterinary Medicine Guide asks a number of pertinant questions designed to trace down the source of this common problem.

Managing Common Chronic Lower Urinary Tract Disorders of Cats
From The Indoor Cat Initiative, an outstanding article on FUS, FLUTD, including uroliths (crystals and stones) and idiopathic cystitis. Written for veterinarians, but includes loads of information for the lay person.

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