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Why did my cat wet the bed?


Question: Why did my cat wet the bed?
I have three cats and last week I noticed that one urinated on a chair that they always use to sleep on. I didn't know who did it and the chair was in the one room we haven't replaced the flooring in since we recently moved in and it's possible they were reacting to a past cat smell. Then last night I let the cats sleep in the room with me and my youngest cat slept on my bed. When I woke up this morning, I noticed a pee stain where she was sleeping. Is there such a thing as cat "bedwetting?" I haven't had the chance to get her fixed yet because of the move; could she be urinating because of that?

Your cat could be wetting your bed for a few reasons, or a combination of reasons:

  1. She could have a urinary tract infection
    She should be seen by your vet as soon as possible to rule out this cause; at the same time, you can make the appointment for spaying.
  2. Unspayed females will spray urine just like males.
    Although the male cats do so as a means of territorial marking, a whole female in heat will spray to leave a message that she's available for mating.
  3. She could be upset by something
    It could be the recent move, or it could involve some kind of conflict with one of your other cats. Please closely observe your cats' interaction with each other, and particularly with this female cat. Once you know if there are any hidden dynamics going one, you'll be better able to tackle the specific problem of spraying and peeing on the chair.

You will also need to thoroughly clean the chair and your bedding to remove all traces of urine odor. Otherwise, whether it is a case of inappropriate urination or spraying, the other cats may be tempted to leave their own mark. Please read my article, Cat Urine Problems for more help with this problem.

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