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Loss and Grieving - Coping with the Loss of a Cat

Caregivers who have recently lost a cat to death, or who are faced with the imminent death of a cat will find support and help for healing the pain and working through the inevitable grief.
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Loss in the World of Cats
All cat lovers will eventually face the pain of losing a family cat. As painful as that is, there are several other ways we lose in the universal world of cats.

Dealing with Loss
So you think you'll never replace your beloved cat? Think again. Giving a home to a doomed cat may be the best memorial for the one you've lost.

Why We Love Them So, by Father Paul A. Keenan
Amy Shojai, contributing writer for cats.About.com reviews the book Why We Love Them So, Surviving the Loss of an Animal Friend. Read a review of Father Paul Kennan's book, Why We Love Them So, Surviving the Loss of an Animal Friend to learn about stages of grief and pet loss.

The Quest For The Rainbow Bridge
The Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful poem which is often cited and read by cat lovers who are mourning the loss of a well-loved cat. It paints a beautiful word picture to our hope that someday we will be reunited.

How can I support a friend whose cat is dying?
A reader asks how best he can support a friend whose cat is terminally ill, or whose cat has recently died. I told him in part that there isn't a huge amount of difference from comforting a friend over the loss of a cat than for the loss of a human family member. As you are aware, I'm sure, most of us consider our cats as family members, and you wouldn't have asked unless you felt the same way. …

Knowing When to Let Go - Preparing for the Euthanasia Decisio…
Unfortunately, your cat will probably go before you do and you may even have to make the decision to help him or her to die. No one wants to say good-bye to a loved cat, but there is great peace in knowing that when the time came, you were able to do the most loving thing. Kari Winters helps you know when it is time to let go of a loved cat, with her guest article for About.com Cats

Compelling Cases for Souls of Animals
After being taken to task for a comment in an article referring to the soul of animals, I took the subject to my readers in a poll: "Do cats have souls?". Not only did an overwhelming majority vote "Yes," but many of the thoughtful comments to my blog provided resources which backed up my position.

For those of my readers …

Memorial Gifts for Cat Lovers
When a cat lover loses a treasured cat to death, the mourning process is similar to that of loss of a family member. A fitting memorial helps to ease the loss, whether it be a picture with a written memorial, a plaque, figurine, or a garden memorial statue or stone. I've chosen a few fitting memorials that can either be given as gifts or to honor the memory of a cat you've personally lost.

Memorials to Special Cats - Picture Gallery
Creating a memorial to a cat you have loved and lost is a good way not only to honor your beloved kitty, but also to help you through the grieving process. These memorials speak for themselves of the bond between humans and cats that transcends life itself.

Practical Considerations - Disposal of Deceased Cats
No one likes to contemplate the thought of a family cat dying, let alone what to do with the remains of a deceased cat, but it is a subject we cannot avoid. Plan ahead for your chosen means of handling the remains of your cat when it leaves this life.

What Happens When One Party Departs?
Do cats mourn the loss of their human companion when their caregiver leaves? They often show many of the same symptoms of grieving humans, but some behaviorists believe this is for different reasons.

BeeGee - Requiem to a Splendid Cat
Memorial to BeeGee, a cat who will be missed by all who knew and loved her

The Zen of Cat - Guest Article by Jim Willis
The Zen of Cat, a Guest Article by Jim Willis, author of Pieces of my Heart-- reminding us how much we can learn from our cats about life and about death.

Simon and James - The story of two enlightened souls
Simon and James is a remarkable true story about the bond between a boy and a cat that survived through death.

First Cloned Pet is a Cat
The announcement of the cloning of the first pet, in the form of a kitten named "CC" (short for Carbon Copy), by researchers at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M, gave new hope to pet owners hoping to memorialize their pets forever. It doesn't come without a price, though.

Audiobook review: Journey Through Pet Loss
Janet Tobiassen-Crosby, the Guide to Veterinary Medicine has had many years' of experience in helping pet owners work through the grief of loss. Her review of the audiobook, "Journey Through Pet Loss" may help others handle the loss of their cats.

Understanding Euthanasia - Veterinary Medicine
Having to make a decision to end a pet's life is never easy. It is a subject that many people do not want to talk about until they have to, but then it becomes a decision made under emotional stress. Janet Tobiessen-Crosby, Guide to Veterinary Medicine helps the reader to explore what happens when an animal is "put to sleep" and how to handle the grief from losing a pet.

Memorial to Simba, by John Hanson
John Hanson honors the memory of his beloved cat, Simba, who had been his best friend from Simba's birth to his passing at eighteen

Pet Loss - Animal Spirits
LDS Guide offers answers to her faith's beliefs about animals and the afterlife. Although this article specifically addresses dogs, it covers all pets, generally.

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