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Cats Lost and Found Listings and Tips

Resources offering tips for searching for lost cats, registration/pet detective agencies, and lost and found cats listings, usually listed by geographical area.
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Loss of Cats Due to Negligence
This week I lost all four of my cats because of my own careless forgetfulness. Read this true story and learn from my mistakes.

Do You Know This Cat?
Internationally-known cat Betsy is looking for her owner. Betsy was living rough on the streets of Richmond, London England when the kind lady who had been feeding her brought her into Kitten to Cats Veterinary Clinic. Betsy has been living there in comparative royalty, loved and pampered by Zeta Fresca, veterinarian and owner of the clinic, and her staff. What Betsy really wants though is her re…

My Cat Ran Away
In order to find your cat, you need to consider the possible reasons for his absence, many of them distressful. However, this is the time to set aside emotions and to rationally evaluate the possibilities, with an appropriate action for each.

All Cats Need an Identity
It does no good for a kindhearted stranger to take in your frightened, lost kitty, if he doesn't know how to locate her owner. Proper identification of cats turned in to shelters could greatly increase their odds of being returned to their rightful homes.

Missing Pet Partnership
Missing Pet Partnership is a national, nonprofit organization providing lost pet behavior and recovery training for animal shelters, humane societies, rescue groups and animal welfare organizations. It was co-founded by Kat Albrecht, owner of Pet Hunters International.

Stolen Pets
From Last Chance for Animals, an advocacy group fighting organized pet theft activities in the U.S.

USDA Missing Pet Network
A listing of member sites of the Missing Pet Network, organized by alphabet. Click on the letter listing for your state to access the list.

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