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Men and Cats - the Unique Bond Between Cats and Real Men

These articles, photos, and links will help dispel old stereotypes and myths about real men and their cats, and expose the truth about the incredible bonds that can be forged between men and cats.

The Man Behind the Cats
The man behind my passion for cats is also my closest friend, and our shared love for our cats has played a major role in our relationship over the years. There's something about men who love cats and are not afraid to admit it that is a real turn-on to most women who also adore those fuzzballs. Join me as I share my Valentine's Day tribute to the man behind my cats, and then explore more of the world of men and cats.

Top Picks - Gifts for a Special Cat Man
Men who love cats are very special people and deserve the best when gift-giving occasions arise. These are my favorite choices for cat-related gifts for my own special Cat Man.

The Man Behind the Cats - Part 2
Men who love cats are not wimps nor pussies. Indeed, they can be very manly guys, as this one proves. This is my tribute to my man, who is a cat-lover from way back when.

Ginny- The Dog Who Rescues Cats
An incredible true story about a little dog (Ginny) who helped a man (Philip Gonzalez) live, when they both decided to devote their lives rescuing disabled cats.

Real Men Do Love Cats
Conclusive proof that "real men" can be cat lovers too, with stories shared by readers and About Cats forum members.

Bonding With Bubba -Example of the Feline-Human Bond
Long before I heard the term "feline-human bond, I was witness to an incredible sense of "brotherhood" between my husband, Asa, and our cat, Bubba. This bonding started when Bubba was just a young kitten, and continues to this day, 16 years later. Like all permanent bonds, it is a two-way arrangement.

The Man Behind the Cats
A tribute to a cat lover of the male sort, one who has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with numbers of cats, and still sees the unique beauty of each and every one of them.

Marrying Into the Food Chain - Guest Article by Author Stacy Mangle
Stacy Mantle, author of "Conquering the Food Chain," has met a man who can live with her and her animals without a whimper.

My Valentine - The Man Behind the Cats
Real men love cats. This particular man has been the significant driving force behind your Guide's lifelong affair with cats.

Photos of Cat Men - Real Guys Who Love Cats
We're here to dispel the notion that real men don't love cats, and we'll prove it with these photos. These mean are not threatened by their cats; on the contrary, they respect them and admire them for being secure within their own feline personas.

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