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Neurological Disorders in Cats - Seizures - Paralysis

Neurological symptoms in cats, such a seizures, unsteady gate, head bobbing and paralysis, can result from any number of underlying problems. These resources will help you sort out the symptoms for a better understanding of your cat's neurological condition.

Epileptic Seizures in Cats
Epilepsy is a disease that is characterized by convulsions (seizures), and sometimes the two terms are confused. Learn about the types of epileptic seizures in cats, the diagnosis, treatment, and management of epilepsy in cats from this article from PetMD.com for About.com.

Neurological Disorders - Cats Disease Profile
Cats are subject to a number of neurological disorders, from various causes. Learn more about the causes, treatments, and care of cats with these disorders

What is Rippling Skin Disorder?
I read about that rippling skin disorder, and I think my cat has it. He does a lot of crazy running around with the skin on his back rippling. Also he wanders around at night, meowing loudly. What is it, and how can I help him? Learn more about rippling skin disorder, its symptoms, possible causes, and treatment, through this FAQ.

Feline Hyperesthesia
Dr. Nicholas Dodman gives a thorough explanation of the various causes, diagnostic tools and treatments for this mysterious condition sometimes called the "Rolling Skin Disease."

Feline Toxoplasmosis
From VetCentric, information on the Toxoplasma gondii infection, which can cause potentially fatal neurological disorders, among other conditions.

Neurological Disorders in Cats
Dr. Mike does his usual fine job in answering questions about seizures, brain injury, strokes, rear leg weakness, and a number of other neurological conditions in felines.

Neuromuscular Disorders of Young Dogs and Cats
G. Diane Shelton DVM, PhD,University of California, San Diego, discusses inherited motor neuron diseases in animals, as well as other conditions caused by botulism, tick paralysis and muscular dystrophy.

Seizure in Cats
Dr. Mike answers questions on seizure control, potassium and seizures, seizures in kittens, and more.

Cat Seizures: Seizure Symptoms
Read this article about cat seizures and Ragdoll cat Dinali's seizure disorder to learn about seizure symptoms in cats. Learn how Linda Woodward's Ragdoll cat Dinali was diagnosied with focal seizure disorders from head trauma, and how to understand seizure symptoms.

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