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Newborn Kittens, Orphans, Feral Litters

Raising newborn kittens, tiny orphaned kittens, or feral kitten litters can be a challenge at best. If you have the mental and physical stamina to nurse newborns, keep them warm, and handle all their physical needs, these articles and resources can help you handle the role of a surrogate cat mother.

Tracking Kittens Development- Newborns to one week
To most of us, kittens are magical, loveable creatures with the power to entrance that one would not expect from their tiny, helpless forms. How do these utterly dependent little fledglings grow into the regal, svelte, intelligent cats who gaze back at us with love, tolerance, or thinly concealed scorn, depending on their moods?

Tracking Kittens Development- The First Six Weeks
Kittens will probably never grow again at the remarkable rate they accomplish during this period, and seeing the changes in their development from week to week is an incredible experience. We'll start off by recapping the first week, and move on from there.

Raising Tiny Newborns
Final part of a 3-part series. Raising an orphaned newborn or a whole litter of them can be a demanding, intensely rewarding, but potentially heartbreaking job. If you think you're up to it, here are some tools to help you.

How to Bottle Feed a Newborn Kitten
Nutrition in the first several days is critical to the survival of a newborn kitten. Follow these step-by-step instructions for bottle-feeding a newborn kitten, including precautions to take, helpful tips, and the follow-through "cleanup job," including stimulation of the bowels and urinary tract, and you will be a competent surrogate cat mother in no time.

Emergency Kitten Formula
Popularly known as "Kitty Glop" among breeders, it is packed with nutrition for orphaned kittens, nursing mother cats and their babies, cats recuperating from illness, and older cats who need nutritional supplementing or who have difficulty eating because of dental or gum problems.

Caring for Newborns
So you've rescued a pregnant female who has now given birth, or you've become surrogate Momcat to orphaned kittens. Jeri Dopp leads you through the care of the tiny babies from Day 1 until they're of an adoptable age.

Feeding Newborns
From Kitten Care, helpful advice on the mechanics of hand-feeding newborn kittens, along with some emergency feeding formulas.

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