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Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior: Chewing, Licking, Fur-Pulling

Cats, like humans, can indulge in obsessive-compulsive behavior such as excessive licking, fur-pulling, wool-sucking or tail chewing. Understanding the causes and eliminating physical problems can often lead to a speedy cure for undesirable behavior.

Ask Amy: Cat Hair Loss
Refer to this advice column to stop cat hair loss. Learn more about cat hair loss and over grooming problems in cats with this Ask Amy article by Amy Shojai, CABC, for About.com.

How can I discourage my cat from wool-sucking?
A reader asks how she can discourage her cat from sucking her sweaters and wool blankets. Read my reply to this FAQ about wool-sucking in cats, a type of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) in cats.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders in Cats

Obsessive-compulsive disorders in cats come in several forms of behavior, and stem from several causes. In a study published by AVMA, environmental/social stress were found to be factors causing OCD in cats. Female cats were found to be more prone, and inbreeding of purebreds was a factor, particularly in Oriental b…

What is Rippling Skin Disorder?
I read about that rippling skin disorder, and I think my cat has it. He does a lot of crazy running around with the skin on his back rippling. Also he wanders around at night, meowing loudly. What is it, and how can I help him? Learn more about rippling skin disorder, its symptoms, possible causes, and treatment, through this FAQ.

Cats Obsessive Sucking Behavior
Discussion board at AnimalNews.com with information on excessive sucking behavior in cat weaned too young.

Chewing and Licking Behavior in Cats
Dr. Mike answers subscribers questions about tail chewing, fabric chewing, and other chewing and licking behavioral problems.

Excessive Licking
King County, Washington Animal Control Unit has loads of information on excessive licking and other behavioral problems.

Hair Damaging: Pulling, Chewing
Dr. Mike strongly suggests eliminating physical causes (fleas, skin problems) before treating hair pulling and chewing as a behavioral problem.

Wool Sucking
The Original Holisticat considers several alternative training techniques including diet, the can of coins trick and spray bottle for wool-sucking cats.

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