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Outdoor Enclosures for Safe Outside Play

Cat lovers who want their cats to enjoy fresh air, greenery, and sunshine, while keeping them safe from traffic, dogs, predators, and those who would harm them, should consider building an outdoor enclosure, either from a kit, from plans, or from your own creativity.

Benner's Friendly Fencing
A "Houdini-Proof" Cat Fence System allows cat owners to set up a safe, outdoor enclosure of whatever size they want.

Photo: 5 in Pen
This is the enclosure built by GalensGranny for their cats. In her words, "It's 12 feet by 17 feet and 8 feet high and covered with plastic garden netting/hardware cloth. It's still not finished, not having all the high shelf perches attached to the middle rails along the perimeter." Thanks also, to GG for many of the links in this section.

Cat Enclosure Photos and Building Tips
Wonderful outdoor enclosure built by the publishers of Lighthearted Press, who produced the book, "For Every Cat an Angel".

Do-It-Yourself Cat Fence
From the Feral Cat Coalition, plans for building a basic cat fence, using netting material. Heed the warning that the fence does not keep out predators such as coyotes or owls.

Feline Funhouses
Feline Funhouses are affordable, portable, outdoor enclosures constructed of black nylon mesh netting, measuring 72" x 32" x 35", and come with a zippered carry case.

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