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Parasitic Disease in Cats: Fleas, Ticks, Worms / Miscroscopic Parasites

Parasites in cats can not only be annoying, such as with fleas and ear mites, but can also cause some deadly diseases, including Lyme Disease,Haemabartonella, or Infectious Anemia. Fortunately, in most cases parasitic infestation can be easily prevented.

How to Get a Stool Sample From Your Cat?
A reader is concerned because her cat is rubbing his butt across the ground. She suspects he has a tapeworm and asks how to get a stool sample to take to the veterinarian

Tips for Getting Rid of Fleas on Cats

Our cats often serve as "meals on wheels" for fleas, ticks, worms, and other parasites. Unchecked infestations of fleas can cause anemia, and can be fatal, particularly to kittens. Fleas also carry "hitchhikers," subjecting your cat to tapeworms or Haemobartonellosis.

Ticks are in a class of their own, sometimes carrying deadly diseases.

Learn the steps you can take to keep these …

Safe Effective Flea Control by Richard H. Pitcairn DVM PhD
Dr. Richard Pitcairn, DVM provides in-depth natural solutions to flea problems with cats.

Don't Flee the Flea! - Flee Control in Cats
As if the itching and stinging weren't enough, fleas also transmit other conditions which can even have a more deleterious effect on your cat's health. Learn all about these nasty critters and how to keep them off your cat.

Flea Control Products - Learn to Read the Labels
Topical flea control products can be a godsend for cat guardians, but it is extremely important to know exactly what ingredients are in flea products you put on your cats.

Warning on Counterfeit Flea Control Packaging
The EPA is cracking down on illegal packaging for flea control products being sold on the internet under the Advantage and Frontline labels. Learn how to recognize counterfeit labels and how to protect your cats from misuse of these products.

Top Topical Flea Control Products
This is a short list of topical flea control products believed to be safe for cats and kittens, when used according to label instructions.

Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy
If you are pregnant, there is absolutely no need to get rid of your cat, contrary to old wives tales. Here is the common-sense scoop on toxoplasmosis by guest writer Gary L.

Parasitic Diseases and Conditions of Cats
Additional resources on parasitic diseases in cats, assembled by About Guide to Veterinary Medicine, Janet Tobiassen Crosby.

10-Second Ringworm Cure
I'd advise checking with a veterinarian before attempting this undocumented "cure", although it sounds harmless enough.

Ear Mites in Cats
From Pets Health in the U.K., just about all the information you need to know about ear mites in cats.

Heartworm in Cats
Apparently from a layperson's point of view, a pretty thorough discussion of Heartworm in felines.

Lyme Disease
Columbia Animal Hospital offers the scoop on Lyme Disease, which is carried by ticks, and can be prevented.

Ringworm in Cats
From , a thorough dissertation on Ringworm, its diagnosis, pathology and treatment.

Roundworm Transmission: Pets to People
From Columbia Animal Hospital, recommendations to veterinarians for ways to prevent roundworm transmission from animals to humans, as well as preventative treatment for pets.

Toxoplasmosis in Cats
From Cornell Feline Health Center, an article for the layperson on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Toxoplasmosis.

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