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Pet Identification - Identify your Cat

No matter how careful the owner is, all cats may become lost. Without a permanent form of identification, your cat could end up at a shelter, tagged as a "stray" and scheduled for euthanization. With a permanent ID system, this need not happen.

Microchips for Cats
Cats absolutely need a form of identification, even if they are indoor-only cats. Indoor cats do escape at times, and unlike human children, cats are unable to vocalize their names and addresses. After weighing all the options, my conclusion is that microchips are the best form of identification for cats. Learn all the reasons why microchipping...

All Cats Need an Identity
Only 3% of lost cats in shelters ever make it home again, but you can increase your kitty's odds of being returned if she is ever lost, with a permanent form of identification.

Cat Identification Poll
All cats should carry identification so that they can be reunited with their owners if lost. Is your cat protected with identification? Vote in the poll and compare your vote with other readers' replies.

Pet Owners Check With Local Shelters Before Buying Microchips
WASHINGTON -- The HSUS and animal care and control organizations today cautioned pet owners that the nation's animal shelters may not have scanning devices that can detect the presence of certain pet identification microchips currently on the market.

The Pet Identification Advocate
Nancy Despeaux saw a need and filled it. Hers is the most complete site available on the Net for finding out all about pet identification and her title of Pet ID Advocate is well-earned.

Australia Microchipping & Registration
Under this law law, kittens and new cats must be microchipped and registered; cats owned prior to July 1, 2000 must be identified by collar & tags or microchipped.

Commercial pet protection registration and recovery service working through veterinarians and authorized tattoo professionals. Claims a 99% recovery rate.

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