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Pet Friendly Housing

The HSUS says that if all rental housing units permitted pets, approximately 6.5 million animals could be placed in homes. These resources may be able to help you find pet-friendly housing in your area. Keep in mind that these listings may not be current.

Pets Not Allowed
Of all the email I receive, some of the most heartbreaking are those from people who are forced to give up their cats because of housing problems. Federal law will protect some cat owners, but not all. Find out if this law might apply to your situation.

Companion Animals in Rental Housing
From Rutgers University Animal Rights Law Project, a list of federal and state laws with regard to housing and pets.

Finding Pet-Friendly Housing
A few additional tips for planning your strategy in finding pet-friendly housing.

Open Door Referral List (San Francisco Area)
The vanguard San Francisco SPCA started this referral list to help in the process of adopting out more pets.

Pet Friendly Housing in Pittsburgh PA
From FosterCat Inc., an alphabetical listing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"Pets Are Welcome" (PAW)
The Denver Dumb Friends League's "Pets Are Welcome" (PAW) offers help for landlords, Pet Parenting classes, and other support for tenants with pets.

Renting with Pets from HSUS
From HSUS, information for both tenants and housing managers and owners for working out this painful dilemma.

Resources in San Mateo County CA
Apartments, mobile home parks, and senior housing allowing pets in San Mateo County and Palo Alto.

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