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Picture Submittal Questions Answered

Please look here before you email me to ask how to send a picture. Your questions are all answered here.

80 Ways to Submit Cat Pictures
Cat Pictures are one of the favorite pastimes of cat lovers, and we all love to show off our cat pictures to friends and other readers. Taking and sharing cat pictures is an excellent way to strengthen our bond with our cats, as well as with other cat lovers. Did you know that there are 80 ways to show off your cat pictures to other readers?...

FAQ - How do I submit a picture of my cat to About Cats
One of the most frequently asked question by far on the About Cats site is 'How do I submit a picture of my cat?' Read my reply and bookmark the link to "80 Ways to Share Cat Pictures."

FAQ - How can I get rid of pet redeye in pictures of my cat
Are you troubled with 'pet redeye' in flash pictures you take of your cat? Find help here with this FAQ.

Photographing Cats - Tips from the NYI
Have you forgotten to photograph the four-legged members of your family? The family cat, for instance? These tips from the New York Institute of Photography (NYI), America's oldest and largest photography school, will show you how you can capture your favorite feline on film.

Ways to Optimize Acceptance of Your Cat's Photo - Tip 1 - Send the be…
I receive dozens of photo submittals every week, but sadly, not all of them make the grade to be included in my cats picture galleries for one or more reasons. I am even more selective when it's time to choose a Cat Picture of the Week, or a finalist in a cat photo contest. Read the most common reasons for the rejection of a submitted photo

Why hasn't my photo been featured on your site?
I receive hundreds of photo submittals from my site every month, and many of them do not make the cut. Find out why your photo has not (yet) appeared on the Cats web site at about.com

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