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World's Best Cat Litter

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World's Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter

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The Bottom Line

World's Best Cat Litter scores high in the criteria of odor control, scoopability, clumpability, and dust control. However, there is a concern that, because corn products are among those the aflatoxin fungus infects, that use of this product can harm cats (or owners) who inhale the litter, or cats who ingest it. Owners whose cats are already immunocompromised should probably not use this litter. Also, those who use it should assure that it is always kept in a cool, dry environment and watch closely for any moldy odor.

I will follow my own advice, and will continue to (cautiously) use this litter for my own cats.

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  • Excellent clumpability
  • Good scoopability
  • Excellent odor control
  • Pleasant subtle corn scent
  • Little to no dust when pouring or scooping


  • Initial cost per pound is higher than most litters
  • Possible dangers of aflatoxin in warm, moist conditions


  • Manufactured by the World's Best Cat Litter Company
  • Made from whole kernel corn
  • Comes in original clumping formula, multi-cat clumping formula, and (lavender) scented multi-cat clumping formula
  • Available in 7-, 8-, 17- and 34-pound bags

Guide Review - World's Best Cat Litter

I started using World's Best Cat Litter around 2003-2004, and this litter has been my top pick of premium cat litters for several years.

Criteria for Cat Litter

The qualities I look for in a premium cat litter are, in order of preference:
  1. Safety
    Since kittens explore everything with their mouths, and their taste buds are indiscriminate, they have been known to eat litter. Adult cats may also ingest litter when washing their paws after using the litter box.

    Also, litters with a high "dust quotient" can be dangerous for asthmatic cats (and their owners who scoop). No one wants a home that smells like a "cat house."

  2. Odor Control
    Even the best cat litter fails the test if the litter box smells like urine and poop even after scooping.
  3. Scoopability
    In my opinion, "use and discard" litters are wasteful, and though their price appears cheap, the expense can add up over time.
  4. Clumpability
    The alternative to non-scooping litter is, of course, clumping litters. The ideal clumping litter is one that forms large clumps which don't slip through the tines of the scooper, and ideally, which don't stick to the bottom of the litter box.
  5. Cost
    Cost is always a factor, particularly for multi-cat households. However, comparative price does not always reflect cost.

Several years ago when the About.com Cats Forum members were discussing cat litters, one member mentioned that she had purchsed a bag of WBCL, and had thrown it out because it smelled moldy. Since she lived in a warm, damp climate, and I live in a dry one, I wasn't alarmed, and have continued to use World's Best Cat Litter for at least seven years, with no ill effects for my cats.

However, there have been recent concerns about the possibility of aflatoxin fungus infecting corn-based pet products, including dry cat food and cat litter. For that reason, I suggest that immunocompromised cat owners, or owners whose cats are already immunocompromised should avoid using this litter, or any corn, wheat, or nut-based cat litters (which are also susceptible to aflatoxin.) Also, those who use it should assure that it is always kept in a cool, dry environment and watch closely for any moldy odor. Other consumers with concerns about potential aflatoxin are encouraged to do your own research and form your own conclusions about the use of this litter for your cats. Here are two articles for starters:

I will follow my own advice, and will continue to (cautiously) use this litter for my own cats, who rate it four paws up.

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Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal, Member Wendy

NEVER again. Yes, it stops odors, definitely. However, it tracks all over the house like sand, I can't stand it! It's also extremely heavy. The usual 2 inches of litter in the pan makes it ridicuousl…More

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