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Rehoming Kittens - Finding Good Homes for the Kittens

Do not fall into the "free to a good home" trap, when placing kittens. These articles will give you all the reasons why not, but will also offer suggestions for carefully screening potential adopters.

Have Kittens - Will Travel
Find out when the best age is to place the kittens, how to prepare them for moving to a new home, why a "free to a good home" ad is not a good idea, and tips for screening those who would adopt your kittens, with this guest article by Gary Loewenthal.

Free Kittuns - an Essay by Jim Willis
This essay is a must-read if you are tempted to post a "free to a good home" ad for kittens. Although it is a piece of fiction, the fate of the kittens reflects brutal reality. Read it and weep, but PLEASE read it.

Free to Good Home?
Another very valid argument against "giving away" kittens, from Animal Aid of SW MI.

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