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Quick guide to the essential resources all cat owners, both novice and experienced, may need from time-to-time. Includes a glossary, frequently asked questions, and other resource material about cats.
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Most Popular Cats Articles for 2008
Knowing which pages are most popular on my site is important, because then I know what topics my readers enjoy most. The features listed here are individual articles rather than full categories. They run the gamut of cat topics and I found the mixture quite interesting. This list is in reverse order, starting with the 10th most popular cat page.

You may also post your own favorite pages on th…

Glossary of Feline Terms: Hypoallergenic
Read the glossary definition of 'hypoallergenic' as it relates to allergies to cats.

Free Email Classes
Index of all the email classes available, including Your New Cat, Kitten Care, Care for Your Senior Cat, and The Role of Food in Your Cat's Health. Lessons are delivered to your email box, either daily or weekly, and you have options for taking as little or as much time as you need to complete them.

Feline Q & A - Frequently Asked Questions About Cats
Find the most frequently asked questions about cats, which will be updated regularly. If you can't find your own particular problem here, also check the Cats Forums. The community there will be glad to welcome you and give you sound advice from their accumulated years of cat management.

Glossary of Feline Terms
Glossary of feline terms from A to Z, including those bewildering veterinary terms you've been afraid to ask about. Pronunciation guide, including a .wav file is included for most terms.

How to Articles Index - Cats How-tos
How to do almost anything involving a cat, from assembling a first aid kit to trimming your cat's claws, easily referenced in an alphabetical index.

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