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Respiratory Disease in Cats

Articles and information about respiratory disease in felines, including Asthma, Bronchitis, Bordetella, and the common URIs (Upper Respiratory Infections) that can raise havoc in cats.
  1. URIs in Cats - Upper Res...

Glossary definition of allergen as applied to cats, and to humans allergic to cats.

Feline Asthma
Feline asthma may be overlooked because it appears the cat is trying to cough up a hairball, but in fact, is in the throes of an asthma attack. Learn more about the causes, disgnosis, treatment, and management of an asthmatic cat.

Bartonella henselae in Cats
Feline upper respiratory infections (URI) can be baffling and frustrating, but sometimes are very curable, especially if the cause is a bacteria called Bartonella henselae. Guest article by Tina Camporeale.

Feline Bordetella - How Feline Bordetella Affects Cats
Feline Bordetella (also known as bordatella) is an often misunderstood disease and can be mistaken for other URIs in cats. Kari Winters, author and cat expert, shares her experiences with feline bordetella.

Why Is my New Kitten Sneezing?
The problem is that she keeps sneezing. I thought perhaps that it was due to my heating vents, which blow a lot of dust around, or the air fresheners/disinfectants that I spray regularly. But I am not sure. Should I be worried? She shows no other symptoms of cold or flu. Thanks

Feline Asthma With Fritz the Brave
Excellent resources for treatments of asthma in cats, including inhaled medications.

Asthma in Cats
Variously known as chronic bronchitis, allergic airway disease, allergic bronchitis and asthma, according to this FAB article.

Feline Asthma
Winn Feline Foundation article by Susan Little, D.V.M.

Bordetella: Is YOUR Cattery at Risk?
This highly infectious disease is a threat to catteries, according to this CFA article.

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