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Responsible Ownership - Treating Cats as Family Members

It can't be stressed too often that cats are sentient creatures, and as such, should not be treated as "disposable goods." Learn how to become a responsible cat caregiver, and how to help others give cats the respect they deserve.
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How NOT to be a Responsible Cat Owner
Are you irresponsible in the way you care for your cat? Measure yourself against these guidelines for a possible wake-up call.

While News Media Calls Cats "Killers," Humans Are Really To Blame
By our failure to spay and neuter, by allowing whole cats to run wild, we are responsible for the media frenzy calling cats "ruthless killers."

Skip That Vet Visit: Serious Considerations
That scheduled vet visit may be crucial to your cat's health. If you are tempted to skip it entirely, or delay it because it isn't convenient right now, or finances are a little tight, please give some thought to several considerations before picking up the phone and canceling that vet appointment. Your final decision may vary, depending on the reason for the vet visit, along with available options.

Cat Age
Although genetics may have an effect on longevity, there are many things we can do to maximize our cats life potential, starting when they first come under our care.

"R" is for Respect
When we take on the care of a cat, we assume responsibility for his well-being, health, and happiness. Part of that responsibility includes Respect. Cats are not dogs; they are not miniature furred people, and no two cats are ever alike. We need to respect those differences and honor cats for being their own unique selves.

Cats as College Roommates - Cats at College
Should you have a cat for a college roommate? The answer is a qualified 'maybe' depending on your degree of responsibility and other factors. Please read this article before rushing into adopting a cat at college.

Cats - The Costs of Responsible Ownership
Being a responsible owner of a cat comes with certain financial obligations. If you are not prepared to meet these costs, it is better to not adopt a cat at all. Irresponsibility carries its own costs, in terms of sacrifices to a cat's health and well-being, along with the potential heartbreak of the loss of the cat.

Adult Cat's Annual Veterinary Exam
All adult cats should be seen by their veterinarian, at least once a year, for a routine "well-check" examination. An annual veterinary check draws a baseline of the cat's normal physical condition, so that, should illness or emergencies arise, the veterinarian can more easily spot the differences in the cat's condition.

How Could You? - Reprinted with permission of Jim Willis
This essay has been translated into 25 languages and has been called the most published animal-related essay in the world. Although the main character is a dog, the lives of countless cats have also undoubtedly been saved because of this piece.

R is for Responsibility in Cat Ownership
The shelters are full of them, these throwaway cats and dogs, whose only crimes were having the misfortune of being the pets of people who considered them "property" rather than "family."

National Pet Peeve Week
These are my pet peeves about cats, but numbers one through six really have to do with responsible "ownership" of cats.

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