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How NOT To Be a Responsible Pet Owner


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4 Ways NOT To Be A Responsible Pet Owner
Photo of Family With Cat

Family With Cat

Photo Credit: © iStockPhoto/Dmitriy Shironosov

I have always preached that our cats should be considered family members for life, and that we should treat them as responsibly as we treat our children. Thankfully, most of our readers get the message. Some get only parts, and others either don't understand, have their own opinions, or simply don't care. This series is for the last three groups. If you find yourself somewhere in the following sections, I pray you will reconsider your position. We all profess to love our cats, and I understand that even those who make choices I disagree with do so with love. In a few cases, I have been there, and I understand.

Our cats and dogs have one trait in common that not all humans share: they love us unconditionally. How much better life could be if we could return that kind of love in every way.

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