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Seasonal Safety for Cats

Different seasons of the year along with their traditional holidays, pose unique challenges to keeping cats safe. Learn how to protect your cat from the hazards of summer heat, and those specific to holidays such as Christmas and the 4th of July.

Help Your Cat Beat the Heat
Summer is one of the worst seasons for feline health. Learn how to keep your cat cool during heat waves, and how to protect him from heat stroke.

12 Days of Christmas (For Cats)
Celebrate the Christmas Holiday with me by singing along with this old favorite Christmas carol, with a feline twist. A new verse will be added every day in this countdown toward Christmas.

Cat Treats for the Holidays
Read this cat treats article about safe cat treats and 12 holiday safety tips for treating your cat safely. Learn 12 holiday safety tips about safe cat treats and how to offer your cat holiday treats.

Cat Proof Holidays: 10 Holiday Safety Tips
This article by Amy Shojai, About.com Cats behavior expert, provides 10 holiday pet safety tips to cat proof your holiday.

Have a Happy Cat-Safe Easter
The Easter holiday represents a time of joyous celebration. However, no one wants to interrupt it with a trip to a veterinary E/R. Let common sense prevail, and avoid giving cats access to food or other hazardous materials which may sicken or injure them. Listed here are some of the most common potential harmful things found specific to Easter.

How can I protect this stray from the cold outdoor weather?
While it is generally acknowledged that cats are safer indoors, there are situations that arise, such as neighborhood strays or feral colonies are managed by caring cat lovers. Extremely cold weather can be a killer for these cats. A reader is concerned over a young stray she's caring for but can't bring indoors because of her allergies.

Ways to Have a Cat-Safe Thanksgiving
Colder weather and the fall and winter holidays, such as Thanksgiving, pose unique problems for cats. Learn how to keep your cat safe at the time of Thanksgiving with these tips.

Enjoy the Winter Season Without CATastrophes!
Yes, the winter holidays can be a challenge when you have a cat in the family, particularly a rambunctious kitten. But with a little judicious planning and a healthy application of common sense, you and kitty can not only survive the holidays, but enhance the enjoyment for the whole family.

Cat-Friendly Resolutions for a New Year
The start of a new year is traditionally the time to make resolutions for improvement. These are my resolutions for helping to make a better year for my cats and our shared home.

Top Tips for Summer Health for Cats
Summer doldrums hit our cats as hard as they do us humans. Learn how to keep your cat healthy, safe, and comfortable during the dog days of summer

4th of July Survival Kit for Cats
Tips for keeping your cat safe and sane on the 4th of July, the most traumatic day of the year for cats in the U.S.

Halloween Safety Tips for Cats
While black cats are relatively unsafe outside in October, Halloween poses a number of safety problems indoors, for all cats. Here are some tips for keeping your kitties safe, while celebrating the holiday, human-style.

October: Black Cat Month
The connection of cats with Halloween has been a longstanding one, especially for black cats. While many adults and most children enjoy the Halloween festivities, it is a time when we need to consider our cats happiness and safety. We can still retain the fun of the holiday while keeping our cats protected from the stresses and dangers. The...

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