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October: Black Cat Month

Halloween With Cats


The connection of cats with Halloween has been a longstanding one, especially for black cats. While many adults and most children enjoy the Halloween festivities, it is a time when we need to consider our cats happiness and safety. We can still retain the fun of the holiday while keeping our cats protected from the stresses and dangers.

The articles listed here will cover all the aspects of black cat month and Halloween, both from the fun and the serious viewpoints.

October: Black Cat Month

Picture of Black Cat Josie With Halloween Jack-O-Lantern
Photo Credit: © Guest, JanetteKing

While October may be the favorite month of thousands of humans, who excitedly plan their costumes of spooks, vampires and monsters, in anticipation of Halloween, cats, particularly black cats, have little cause for celebration this month.

Much has been said about the more violent indignities that may be practiced on black cats at this time of year, but a more subtle cruelty has surfaced in recent years. Some shelters have noted a spate of black cat adoptions shortly before Halloween, with many of these cats returned to the shelters in the days after the holiday because "He just didn't work out."

Black Cats Folklore and Myths

Photo of Black Cat U
Photo Credit: © E of the Vowels

Black cats have played a major role for centuries in folklore, superstition, and mythology. Black cats in the middle ages were believed to be witches' familiars, and some people even believed them to be witches incarnate. Many of these old superstitions about black cats exist to this day.

Reader Stories: Why I Love Black Cats

Picture of Black Cat Onyx
Photo Credit: © Cosmicat, About.com Member

While black cats are sometimes feared by people who are not "in the know," others who share their homes with black cats love them unconditionally. If you are in the latter category, or love black cats, but don't currently have one, here's your chance to help educate the public about the value of black cats. A form is provided for your use, and you are encouraged to upload one or two photos of your own black cats.

Selected stories are also featured in the 2010 Black Cats Picture Gallery. Onyx, pictured here was also a featured Cat Picture of the Week in October 2010.

2010 Black Cats Picture Gallery

Picture of Black Cat Sophie
Photo Credit: © Annatouchas

Black cats have traditionally been associated with Halloween, so we honor black cats with photos during October. Of course, aficionados of these Parlor Panthers adore black cats year-round.

You may submit your black cat photos by filling in the easy online form, and uploading two pictures of your black cat. Be sure to be generous with your descriptive text in the form as all of the Cat Pictures of the Week for October, 2010 will be chosen from this gallery.

7 Facts About Black Cats

Picture of Black Cat LB aka Shredder
Photo Credit: © Guest, NinjaGal

Did you know that cats are NOT considered unlucky universally? That one recognized cat breed was created intentionally to resemble a black "parlour panther?"

Indeed, people who love black cats are legion, and if put to the test, will be able to give you dozens of reasons why black cats are the best cats as home companions.

Black Cat Genetics

Picture of Black Cat Molly
Photo Credit: © Jean Bryceland, About.com Guest

Cats' bodies, like humans, are made up of genetic materials, called genes. Genes and their associated alleles are responsible for the color of our eyes, the color of our hair, and other inherited physical traits from our forebears, such as long legs.

Naming Black Cats

Photo of Black Cat Prince Panther
Photo Credit: © Marespooscats

How did you arrive at a name for your black cat? Did the name come from Egyptian history (did you know the Egyptians considered black cats lucky?), or perhaps from the middle ages when black cats were felt to be witches' "familiars" and feared as such? Salem seems to be a popular black cat name, harking back to the time in that city's past when witches and their cats were hung. Did you name your cat after his color?

Halloween Safety Tips for Cats

Picture of cat Tum with Halloween Witch
Photo Credit: © Chris Cunningham
Let's face it. There's likely to be more fear than fun during Halloween festivities if you have cats in the house. (Worse if you let them out of the house.) Read these ten tips to help put the "Ha Ha" back in Happy Halloween, for you and your cat.

Halloween Cats Picture Gallery

Halloween Cat Reina
Photo Credit: © Kathy Haack

I'd need welding gloves to try to put a costume on a resistant cat, and have the scars to prove it. Rare is the cat that actually enjoys showing off in a costume, although many will pose solemnly next to a witch or pumpkin.

Halloween Fun With Cats

Clip Art of Black Cat With Pumpkin
Photo Credit: © Bobbie Peachey, former About.com Guide to Clipart

If you haven't already done so, it's not too late (or too early to whip together a Halloween page for your favorite felines. I've combed the web for you and come up with some terrific sites where you can pick up cat-related Halloween graphics for that spooky event. Be sure to right-click and save these images to your own computer. Hot-linking to the images is not only not polite, but is considered bandwidth theft!

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