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Skin Problems in Cats

Fleas, other parasites, allergies, and contact dermatitis can make your cat miserable with itchy skin, as well as contribute to other conditions, and should not be ignored. Learn what can cause those itchy skin problems, how to prevent it in the future, and how to give your cat relief.
  1. Parasitic Diseases in Cats

Feline Acne
Although it may not embarrass cats the way it does us, kitty acne is a common and potentially serious condition. Prevention can be as simple as changing your cat's food dish.

Flea Control Products for Cats - Learn to Read the Labels
Make sure your cat's flea control product does not include this harmful ingredient. Some pharmaceutical companies continue to manufacture flea products containing a potential toxin for cats.

Topical Flea Control Products for Cats
Topical cat flea control products work by affecting the nerve receptors of the flea. They are usually applied to the cat's skin at the back of the neck, and are collected in the cat's hair follicles, from which the product is slowly released.

Diseases of the Skin
From Max's House, a thorough discussion of skin problems, from allergic dermatitus to auto-immune conditions.

Feline Miliary Dermatitis
Extensive information about this common skin disease with many causes, from Drs. Foster and Smith.

Ringworm: A Persistent Problem
This parasitical disease is highly infectious to humans and sometimes difficult to treat.

Skin Problems in Cats
Dr. Mike addresses a number of common and unusual skin problems in felines.

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