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Anxiety and Stress in Cats

While stress itself is not of behavioral origin, it can lead to a number of problems often considered behavioral, such as litter box avoidance, or depression. When behavioral problems suddenly appear, savvy cat owners soon learn to first rule out signs of health problems, and next for stress factors, such as changes in the environment.

Solve Your Cat’s Separation Anxiety
Read this cat behavior article by Amy Shojai, CABC, for About.com, for tips how to solve separation anxiety in cats. Learn why cats miss the litter box due to cat separation anxiety.

Natural Remedies for Stress in Cats
As stress in cats has many causes, a one-stop remedy may not work for all occasions. These are my choices of natural remedies for stress in cats, including herbal and flower essences.

Minimizing Stress and Anxiety in Your Cat
Stress and anxiety in cats can come from other sources, including environmental changes and emotional or physical stress. You will find that many of these areas overlap as we explore further. We will look at some of the causes of stress in cats, the symptoms, and how we can help our cat get back on an even keel, for better physical and emotional...

Attention Seeking Behavior in Cats
Attention-seeking behavior and excessive vocalization often go hand-in-hand with cats. Causes for these behaviors can be either physical or emotional, or both. Before punishing your cat for excessive crying and meowing, or other attention seeking behavior, do some homework on possible causes, including stress.

Rippling Skin Disorder
Although rippling skin disorder usually has physical causes, it can result in extreme stress for the afflicted cat.

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