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Tabby Cats

Everything you ever wanted to know about the popular Tabby Cat color pattern, from "Moggies" to pedigreed cats, including some pages of just photos.

The Glorious Tabby
It's time to extoll the virtues of the common but glorious tabby cat, along with some legends about the magnificent M on the forehead of the tabby.

March Tabby Calendar Photos
March marks the first month of Spring, when the earth is rich with promises of things to be. Tabby cats are almost as old as Mother earth herself, and are the epitome of Catness in all its wonder and glory.

Persian Tabby Patterns
Information on these intriguing patterns as seen in Persians, from Mousekateers Persians.

Tabby Cats
Excellent all-around discussion of the history of the tabby pattern, along with wonderful photos of color and pattern variations, from Penmarric Cornish Rex.

The Tabby Patterns
More about the tabby patterns, from HDW, inc., including more information on genetics as related to color and patterns.

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